3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 14, 2016. Posted in Digital marketing companies, Digital marketing team, Software development louisville

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In this day and age, the market is completely saturated. That makes it hard for small businesses to compete with more established corporate entities. In order to stand out from the crowd, small businesses need to get creative with their brand management and digital marketing. One of the most effective ways to do this is through social media marketing. Having a social media marketing strategy allows you to highlight what makes your business special in a cost-effective way. Here are three reasons why your small business needs to have a social media marketing strategy right now:

Involvement in social media helps with brand loyalty

Businesses that use social media understand the importance of building your brand through multiple platforms. In the eyes of many customers, failure to establish an online presence essentially means you don’t exist — or at the very least, that you aren’t to be trusted. But if you post great content and engage with users on social media platforms, you’re in a better position to establish your brand and build brand loyalty among potential consumers. Studies have shown that brands who have high engagement rates on social media have higher rates of brand loyalty from customers. When you make it easier for consumers to find you and engage with you, you’re establishing yourself as a leader in your industry, which makes it more likely that users will choose to hire or shop with you.

You get instant feedback with social media

Digital marketing solutions like social media involvement give you instantaneous access to feedback from users. That information is immensely helpful because you don’t have to “wait and see” or spend a lot of time analyzing which methods are working and which aren’t. If your posts aren’t getting engagement in the form of comments, likes, shares, and followers, you’ll have a pretty good idea that your strategy isn’t working as well as it could. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you continuously engage with users, provide useful information, and post intriguing or appealing content, you’ll probably start to see results much faster than through other forms of online marketing. You can even solicit feedback through contents, calls to action, and questions to your audience to boost your engagement.

Social media posts help with web traffic and rankings

Ultimately, social media efforts are considered to be successful if they translate into more traffic and increased revenue. Interesting content, high quality photos, and an inside look at what you do will help drive traffic to your site by increasing interest for the services or products your business provides. Social media can help you reach a much wider audience than other forms of marketing, which means you’ll have more traffic coming to your website. When more people know about you, you’re bound to get new customers. And when posts from your site are shared, both your web traffic and site rankings will improve.

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