Alternative Uses for Used Shipping Containers

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 20, 2016. Posted in 2nd hand containers for sale, Portable office containers, Shipping container swimming pool

Climate controlled containers

Some things are more difficult to recycle. Take shipping containers for example. They are extremely large and heavy. They are made out of a ton of aluminum and steel, both quality materials. However, the shipping containers would be difficult to break down. For this reason, many used shipping containers are sitting in storage, unused. There are currently over 17 million shipping containers in circulation globally with the number of active shipping containers at more than 5 million. In total, they make around 200 million trips a year, according to Billie Box. There are, however, many under recognized uses for these used shipping containers.

Mobile office

Many employment positions require some type of a mobile office. Construction project managers may be required to remain on the site of a job for many months, ensuring that it is being completed in a timely manner. New businesses may want to meet with, interview, and hire employees before their office space is ready. In both cases, a mobile office is very useful. These businesses can use used steel storage containers for sale, customizing them into unique portable office spaces.

Pop up shop

With the emergency of technology and Ecommerce, many small businesses start in their homes. As the business grows, however, it may be more difficult to run entirely out of the home, especially if the business involves a lot of inventory. You can purchase used steel storage containers for sale and turn them into a container pop up shop. This mobile pop up shop also allows a business owner to invite customers into their shop to physically purchase items, without having to worry about having strangers inside of their home.

Mobile home

The countries homeless population continues to grow. Even with soup kitchens and shelters, we still see an increase in those struggling to purchase or rent a house. 2nd hand containers for sale actually make great mobile homes, often mimicking a trailer home. They can be customized, adding walls and flooring to make it feel more like a house. If shipping containers are taken care of with regular maintenance, they can last for a total of 20 years, according to Container Auction. These mobile homes can get people off the streets for long enough, allowing them to get back onto their feet and find a more permanent living situation.

Recycled to make additional products

Used steel storage containers for sale are made with large amounts of steel and aluminum. These products are often in high demand, as they are very useful in a variety of other products. When these large office containers for sale are recycled, we are keeping items out of the junkyards. For each recycled shipping containers we are reusing around 3,500kg worth of steel. We are also saving all of the traditional building materials (such as bricks, mortar, and wood) which do not need to be used.

Shipping needs

These used steel storage containers for sale were originally used for shipping. This is the purpose that they function the best at. They are large enough to hold hundreds, sometimes thousands of items. They are sturdy and safe enough to hold fragile items. They are also easy to transport in large loads, because they can easily be stacked onto one another. Consider using large shipping containers when you are required to ship multiple items a far distance.

Shipping containers were once the primary source of shipping goods. Today with alternative shipping methods, many of these used shipping containers are no longer needed. They sit, unused, in storage areas. Yet, these large and sturdy containers are actually perfect for a variety of other uses, including mobile homes, mobile offices, and mobile pop up shops. They can also still be used for shipping needs of large businesses and can be recycled for a lot of useful materials.

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