Professional MalpracticeWhy Does It Happen?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 23, 2017. Posted in Bankruptcy issues, Complex commercial disputes

Stephen m. orlofsky

Professional malpractice concerning legal representation of any client is a breach of contract that is open to a lawsuit against the attorney by the client. Bad representation on the part of a lawyer representing a client is considered negligence, and is, in certain cases, a lawsuit just waiting to happen. As long as the professional malpractice falls within specific guidelines, a client is legally able to sue his or her attorney. This type of case has a good chance of being won by the client when that client can prove that the lawyer was legally bound to adequately and efficiently represent him or her. The client also must prove that the attorney made some type of serious error, or somehow breached that promise of competent representation. Proof must also be given that the attorney’s mistake, or br