4 Uses for an Exhaust Flex Joint

Written by Economic Development Jobs on November 4, 2018. Posted in How metal bellows are made, Steps for metal bellows manufacturing, Triad corrugated metal

When completing the installation of a heating and air conditioning system, dryer or ventilation system, there is one key step needed to complete the process. This step is known as the installation of the
exhaust flex joint.

The exhaust flex joint is a key component of a ventilation system in the exhaust industry. Attached to duct work, it secures to the machine, and then the duct work travels to an exterior vent source. In essence, the exhaust flex joint connects the two parts of the system. It is a conduit, and without it the system could not function.

Another way to refer to the exhaust flex joint, although the two are not exactly the same, is metal bellows. Metal bellows, and metal expansion joints are designed to withstand great stress. They also help with engine vibration and serve to reduce noise.

In order to function effectively, the metal flex joints and bellows must be constructed to withstand extremely high temperatures. Specifications from the ASME require t