When Hydroseeding Should be Done

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 4, 2019. Posted in Floc bloc, Hydrograss technologies, Hydroseeding erosion control

Plants are critical for the natural world and human use alike, and they have all sorts of applications for human civilization even today. Some plants are crops, grown to feed either people or livestock, or plants may be used for their natural fibers or wood. Trees have been used for countless generations for making housing, tools, boats, and more, and even bamboo can be shredded and pressed into wood-like planks for flooring. Other plants are used for decoration or landscaping, such as a row of blossom trees, flower beds, lily pads, and grass on a lawn or public area. Many commercial applications of crops and landscaping plants exist today, so proper technique for sowing and raising the seeds exist too. Plants do not appear from nowhere; they must be planted correctly, whether in a park, a nature preserve, or a farm’s fields. Using sod or dry seed broadcasting is common, but hydroseeding has demonstrated itself to be one of the more effective means of planting such plants. Continue Reading | No Comments