Protect Your Discovery or Invention With These 4 Tips

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 27, 2019. Posted in Engineering notebook, Lab, Scientific notebook

After years of study, research, and hard work, you develop a new compound or medicine that can help the world. The hard work’s done, right? Not so fast. Before you celebrate, there are things you need to do to protect your work and your idea. This is not as simple as locking away your bound lab notebook or putting your laboratory notebooks away someplace safe. You need to get a patent to keep your intellectual property (IP) your own.

1. Talk to a professional IP expert. You are a smart person. The process looks easy enough for anyone to handle. Just compile the documents, fill them out giving the information about what your idea is, why it matters, and the reasons you deserve the patent. Easy-peasy, right?

Not really, there is a lot of nuances here. The processes for protecting your IP are more complicated than simply filling out the forms and waiting until yo