Reasons to Build a Phone Booth Design Office and The Resulting Benefits

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 25, 2019. Posted in Loud office solutions, Noise in the open plan office, Office zen room

Looking to soundproof your office? Then the option to build a phone booth office design may be the solution for you. This is often helpful if there is a great deal of noise throughout the office all day, such as call centers, customer service, and telemarketing companies. Removing or minimizing noise from surrounding workspaces can help improve workflow and efficiency, including improvements regarding issues like work errors, distraction, and concentration.

Phone Booth Office Designs

Despite the title, this design does not follow the standard appearance of a phone booth. It includes things like soundproof paint and other advancements that help limit conversation and other audio that cause a distraction in the workplace. If you have an open office with many employees working close to one another and often on the phone distractions from nearby conversations can be common.

A phone booth office space helps block surrounding noise and conversations of the larger office. T