3 Types of Call Centers and What They Do

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 24, 2019. Posted in Inbound sales call center, Win back marketing

Call centers of all kinds can create massive benefits for businesses. They can save them money, lessen work loads, and help create better relationships with customers. The ability to keep in contact with current customers and to reach out to potential clients is key to helping a business last and grow.

There are multiple different kinds of call centers that offer a range of services. Depending on your business and needs, you may require the services of more than one. Below we will take a look at three different types and break down what each one does.

1. Customer Service Call Center

This is one of the easiest ones to explain, because it says it all right in the name. Just about everyone has had to call one of these lines at least once in life. The workers at a customer service center take phone calls and emails from customers who are having any number of issues and help them resolve them. Sometimes it’s as simple as canceling an order while other times it’s much mo