Container Pop up Shops — Creative Use of Used Shipping Containers

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Have you always wanted to have a little shop where you can sell things you love and make a living out of catering to a specific need of people? Starting a small shop can be a very successful business in the making, and with the right ingredients, it can blossom into quite the happening joint where customers can come, get things they need and like, and recommend the place to others. Building up reputation and offering quality products can turn your venture into a grand success, and the only hurdle is getting to start things off.

Setting up shop requires certain things. Time and money are prime requirements for any new business, but when it comes to starting a shop, there are other considerations as well. You need to decide on branding and what kind of products you want to sell. This done, the time comes to select a location and getting the necessary clearances and paperwork to rent out the space you need for your shop. Building out the shop and getting it fitted with necessary things like rack space, displays, electrical fitting and lighting is the next logical step, following which all you need to do is stock products and open your doors to your customers. A good dose of marketing and brand building is what gets customers to your door.

What if running a small shop has always been your dream, but you have neither the time nor the resources to go through this complicated process? The solution is to think starting a pop up shop. A pop up shop is a short term selling space that literally just pops up one fine day, and it can well be your vehicle to success. By starting a pop up shop, you will be able to dive headlong into your dream job, while also setting up a proof of concept scenario that you can translate later into a larger store if you so wish. Pop up shops are quite popular in the country, and if you decide to open one, you need to make yours stand out. How can you do this, while also ensuring that you contribute to the environment while ending up with a space that is secure, versatile and durable?

The answer is to use steel shipping containers as the framework of your pop up store. Steel cargo containers are ubiquitous, as shipping is still the preferred mode of transporting products and machinery. It is cost-effective and secure, and the containers used in the process often get left at their destination points instead of being lugged back to the source. This means that, at any given time, there are likely to be a good number of used or new shipping containers for sale. With a little time and effort, you can have professionals make a number of needed storage container modifications, and end up with a nice, efficient, safe and durable container pop up shop.

Container Pop Up Shops — Exploring the Possibilities

You are likely to be able to easily buy used shipping containers irrespective of the area you live in. Now, how does this contraption qualify as a viable framework for a pop up shop? These containers are made out of durable steel, are fire retardant and can provide great service for 20 years or more if properly maintained, making them a great choice for shop framework. There are a number of professional services that modify these containers. Different modifications are possible, including painting, the installation of shelving, climate control, security features and more, and you can put in the kind of features you need to successful start off your container pop up shop.

Starting a container pop up shop not only gets your dream of running a shop onto the fast track, but also lets you do your bit for the environment by recycling something that consumes energy to build from scratch. You have the added satisfaction of knowing that you did your bit for the environment, coupled with the satisfaction of getting your own shop up and running in a cost-effective manner with very little time and effort. The experience can well be one-of-a-kind.

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