Customers Are More Discerning Than Ever Giving Them A Solid First Impression With An Inkjet Printer

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 22, 2019. Posted in High gloss inkjet labels, Label printers, Labels

Printing has come a long way since the days of the moody office machine.

You don’t have to deal with lackluster color or incompatible paper. You also don’t have to deal with smacking the machine in order to get your high volume rush order finished. Whether you’re in need of a series of high quality banners or some polyester labels, the task can be done quickly and efficiently. Today’s Epson label printer is one of your best tools in a fast paced industry, particularly if you’ve been slogging too long with outdated technology. Curious about the difference in printing techniques?

From polyester labels to heat press accessories, all your needs can be covered easily. Here’s what you should know.

Is Paper Obsolete? Recent Studies Beg To Differ

There’s a lot of talk going on about the environmental viability of paper, be they newspapers, banner advertisements, or packaging styles. While the digital age has certainly introduced a lot of new elements to the fold, paper has yet to fall out of style. It’s why you still see so much of it everywhere you go. Inkjet label printers don’t just offer you some convenient printer setting choices. They give you the ability to take the still enduring popularity of this material and truly make it sing.

Customers Are More Astute Than You Think

Think customers won’t catch on when you’ve cut corners? Not so, according to recent studies. One survey found 70% of consumers stating they actively read nutritional panels on product labels, with another 30% stating they hone in on the total fat content. This survey would then find out 25% of consumers are always glancing at the sugar content of their food, whether or not they’re on a diet. When your polyester labels are printed incorrectly or have dour color, it’s only natural it’ll be noticed on the way to the vitamin percentage.

A Good Label Needs A Glossy Finish

Simply put, pretty polyester labels are a standard that won’t be going away any time soon. They’re necessary to give customers a solid first impression and they go a long way to make your business look more reputable. Would you want to buy from a business that had important information cut off due to a misprint? A recent study from the Friedman School Of Nutrition Science And Policy over at Tufts University found informative food labels result in healthier food options. They cut back unhealthy elements, like saturated fat, by as much as 15%!

Make Every Color Pop With A Great Inkjet Printer

Inkjet label printers are designed to give you the very best in color, sheen, and thickness. This is especially useful if you get a lot of custom orders that can’t slide through a one-size-fits-all machine. Custom labels can use a variety of different paper types that differ significantly on brightness and texture. Polyester labels generally used water based technology, which relies on dye or pigment based inks. While this seems like a lot to keep track of, it’s a convenient route that will have you saving time and money down the road.

Color Label Printers Are Better Than Ever

You know for sure your polyester labels could use an image boost and soon. You’re worried about being able to address all your high volume orders. Brush all those concerns away and invest in an Epson label printer that is designed to give you the best each and every time. Today’s customer is more discerning than ever, actively reading labels and even going so far as to share interesting products on social media. If you want to improve your marketing and your image in one fell swoop, custom high gloss labels are where it’s at.

Give your business the best chance at a long-lasting first impression. Improve your polyester labels with a printer that’s form and function.

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