Digital Basics The Secret to Online Success in Three Steps

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The business world is primed and ready for small business, which happens to take up a significant majority of all businesses over the past few years. The internet is largely responsible for this as business leaders can more easily get the word out on their business and avoid getting lost in the crowd or overshadowed by big business. While the internet allows small businesses to thrive, it can also prove to be the demise of small businesses that are unable to adapt to the digital age. Here are the three steps needed for optimal small business web design.

Designed for Success

A business’ emergence into the digital world ought to begin with the creation of a business website. This can be the most important and daunting step of launching a business online, so professional small business web designers ought to be sought out. A website ought to be designed with the user in mind: this means picking a layout and color that is aesthetically pleasing whilst presenting information in a manner that can be easily scanned — bullet points work better than long paragraphs in this regard. The presentation of your web page is just as important as is functionality; the internet has bred a generation of users that grow bored with pages that do not load within three seconds. Moreover, having an optimized small business web design with mobile compatibility is essential as mobile online access has now surpassed desktop internet access.

The Impact of Social Media

A solid business webpage ought to be the capital of your digital empire, not the lone representative on the web. Branching out to different online platforms such as social media sites is one of the best ways to generate new leads and keep consumers informed on your business. Around 69% of social media users stated that they “liked” or “followed” a brand on social media because they noticed that one of their friends also did so — this is a great way to keep social media users informed on new products and services, special offers, and developments within your company. Starting a company blog is another great way to utilize social media; marketing teams reported that they saw a significant increase in sales after starting a blog. While social media is certainly a critical component for any aspiring small business on the net, there is an even more powerful tool at the disposal of small businesses.

The Power of Search

The search engine is one of the most powerful tools available to online users with nine out of every 10 online experiences starting with a search. While it may be tempting to plaster your products and services on search engine pages with pay-per-click advertisements, studies show that a majority of online users instinctively ignore such advertisements in favor of organic search results. Tapping into the potential of these organic results is the secret of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization focuses on creative content generation that focuses on the products and services offered by small businesses, presenting information as web pages picked up organically by search engines with the intent to curb consumer spending towards your business. This inbound lead generation is more subtle than outbound advertising and enjoys a significantly higher close rate than other forms of internet marketing, making it the best internet marketing strategy. By partnering with professional internet marketing firms that specialize in SEO, and with optimal small business web design, small business leaders can stake their claim and ensure that their company will survive and thrive on the net.

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