Employee Turnover Is Higher Than Ever How Job Recruiting Agencies Can Make A Difference

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How do you make sure you’re recruiting right the first time…every time?

The first step toward a workforce that gives your business what it needs is getting rid of misconceptions. There’s no way to guarantee the right hire every time you send out an opportunity for employment. You can, however, drastically reduce the rate of employee turnover and employee dissatisfaction by investing in staffing agencies. Designed from the ground up to meet both employee and business halfway, these are fantastic resources for getting you out of that frustrating ditch you’ve sunk into.

Here are five things recruiting agencies can do for your brand.

Install More Confidence

It’s easy for a business to struggle with confidence when it fails to keep workers around. That means money lost, unhappy customers and rivals that are more than happy to take your place. Job agencies use a wide variety of digital and public resources to find the right people and right businesses, cultivating higher rates of that ‘match made in heaven’ you hear so much about. Over three million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing agencies today. Never fear…help is here

Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover costs businesses $11 billion every single year. That’s a lot of money, to put things mildly, and an issue you literally can’t afford to overlook. Statistics are showing this problem could become even worse if more effort isn’t taken toward reducing this trend, with over 20% of new hires leaving their jobs within 45 days of being given a new opportunity for employment. How much does this cost in the long-term? The costs of employee turnover have been found to range between 30% to 150% of an employee’s salary.

Improve Employee Retention

What’s the flipside of employee turnover? Employee retention is when you keep an employee around for the long haul, which can be anywhere from three years to longer depending on the position and level of growth provided. Over 60% of organizations actively view employee retention to be a problem and around 45% of human resources professionals say retention is what they’re trying to resolve. Employees that stick around cost less, work better and provide better opportunities for companies to reach beyond even their loftiest goals.

Encourage Diverse Hires

It’s time to start thinking about diversity. Today’s customers are more discerning than they’ve ever been, putting their money toward businesses that reflect them and ignoring the ones that don’t. Not only do you increase the chances of drawing in a larger crowd, you’ll also reap the benefits of a more flexible and dynamic workforce. McKinsey’s research has shown gender-diverse companies to be 15% more likely to outperform their peers. Ethnically-diverse companies? Over 35% more likely.

Create Strong Business

Want to provide a strong opportunity for employment? You can’t just cast out a net anywhere and expect to haul in a great catch. You need to narrow down your search, use your options wisely and cultivate a series of reliable results. To staff your business is to inject it with the lifeblood it needs not just to survive, but thrive. They’ll help you overhaul your hiring process and provide you the tools needed to pinpoint the best matches possible. New hires that undergo a more structured on-boarding program are up to 60% more likely to stick around in the long-term.

Don’t let chance staff your business. Provide the best possible opportunity for employment by reaching out to recruiting agencies in your area.

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