Find A Niche, Make A Blog, Talk To People How To Become A Tech Entrepreneur In Five Basic Steps

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 3, 2019. Posted in How to succeed as a tech entrepreneur, International public speaker, Tech entrepreneur resources

Everyone should have a niche. Yes, even if you’re sure you can succeed on being a jack-of-all-trades!

It’s tempting to put your finger in every pie, especially when you’re just starting out, but this’ll just tire you out in the long run. Think about it. Would you rather be an expert on biology, the culinary arts, and astronomy…or just one? Not only will this save you some much-needed time and energy, you’ll also gain the benefit of being an expert in your field. People are more willing to part with their money if they’re absolutely positive the professional in question really knows their stuff.

Don’t float around in limbo. This is how to become a tech entrepreneur without burning out decades before your time.

Become Comfortable With Public Speaking…Even If You Have To Fake It!

Do you get some serious jitters knowing you’re about to walk up on stage in front of hundreds of people? Did you hate going first or last back in school during a presentation? Learning how to become a tech entrepreneur means becoming comfortable with comfortable speaking — not only will this comprise many of your business decisions, it’ll also be your first first impression. If this means faking it until you make it, so be it! Much of the fear of public speaking comes from internal issues rather than outward, so you can take solace in being your own biggest obstacle.

Keep A Close Eye On Social Media And, By Association, The World At Large

If you’re someone that checks Twitter or Facebook on a daily basis, you’re already ahead of the curve. A seemingly endless thirst for more knowledge is what separates average entrepreneurs from trailblazers. How to succeed as a tech entrepreneur is making sure nothing slips past your notice. This doesn’t mean hours and hours of scrolling, necessarily, but customizing your social media feed to deliver relevant content to your doorstep. Take a few minutes today to follow some new people and design custom filters…you’ll be glad you did!

Start Avoiding Entrepreneur Mistakes By Talking To Professionals In Your Field

What’s one of the most common entrepreneur mistakes? Aside from trying to be a jack-of-all-trades — seriously, don’t do it — it’s failing to connect with other professionals. You’re not omniscient! Everyone has to learn from someone in their field and you should make sure to pick up a few tricks by talking to those with more experience. They can pinpoint any mistakes you’re making, offer you some relevant advice based on your resume, and soothe your concerns…all in one go!

Reach Out To People, No Matter How Big Or Small, And Connect With Them

It’s not just professionals you should be talking to. Everyone can help you learn how to become a tech entrepreneur worth talking about, even if it’s a work friend who wants to vent about a ridiculous commercial they saw. Every paid international speaker goes out of their way to draw upon the world around them, regurgitating it back to the audience in a way that’s both organic and polished. Think of public speaking less as a chore and more as an artist. Life is constantly teaching you lessons…are you listening to what it has to say?

Begin Your Entrepreneur Blog Now And Get The Hard Stuff Over With

The digital entrepreneur is toothless without a blog to their name. If you don’t have one — or have a WordPress sitting around and collecting dust — it’s time to buckle down and get used to the process. Your blog is where you connect with people, talk about trending news, and learn how to edit. This can double as a portfolio if you’re looking to work in writing as well as public speaking. Blogs today are affordable and highly flexible, able to come with several useful additions like local SEO, custom animations, and newsletters.

Tips for entrepreneurs begin with a niche and end with taking the first step. Learn how to become a tech entrepreneur by moving forward in 2019!

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