Have You Considered Outsourcing Your Billing Services?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 17, 2017. Posted in Invoice printing services for businesses, Outsourced billing municipality, Print and mail service

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You never imagined so many tasks would take you away from the real purpose of your business.
When you started your small graphic design company 10 years ago you had visions of creating logos for clients, entire marketing pieces for customers, and spending any extra hours of your day catching up with new design trends and the latest releases of popular design and desktop publishing programs.
For the last three years, however, you have spent as much as 30% of your time at work on billing statement printing, payroll services and, lately, even trying to decipher utility billing solutions. Your company adds new clients every year and you have had to add staff members to keep up with all of the work, but you are tired of spending your time on administrative tasks. You miss having the time to brainstorm marketing ideas with the team, but even more, you miss the chance to start with a blank window and see what kind of inspiration comes to you from the name of the company, the goal of the project, and the specific products and services that were involved.
You feel more like an administrative professional than a designer. You spend time nearly every day looking at the mundane electronic billing statements serve the purpose of bringing in the much needed income, but this is a far cry from what you want to be doing.
As the end of March, as he tax deadlines approaches, you find yourself spending even more hours preparing information for your accountant. You have promised yourself that as soon as these 2016 taxes are filed you are going to make a change.
You have decided that it is finally time to outsource many of these office services. It is time to let someone else take care of the billing, paying the utilities and rent, and process the necessary print and mail services. With appointments scheduled for the last few weeks in April, you hope to have made some decisions about which services company you will contract with and finally get back to your design tools and spend your days doing what you love.
Making the Decision to Outsource Office Management and Billing Services Frees You to Focus on Clients and Projects
One of the ways that businesses can save money, time, and energy is to outsource the weekly or monthly tasks billing, mailing, and payroll.

  • Electronic billing payments are now a common feature of online banking. This process allows a depositor to send money from a demand account to a creditor or vendor like a department store, supplier, of public utility to be credited against a specific account.
  • Finding a way to streamline the daily tasks of office life can be extremely beneficial.
  • Few businesses of any size can operate without outsourcing some of the tasks like billing, mail services, and statement processing.
  • If even 20% of American households switched to electronic rather than traditional paper billing, the savings would amount to 151 million pounds of paper a year.
  • Conveniences of outsourced billing and payment management systems include end of the year tax summaries which make April filings more efficient and predictable.
  • Indications are that 25% of customers felt their relationship with their biller was better after switching to electronic billing.
  • Electronic billing allows for easier expense tracking, which helps save money .
  • In the grand scheme of things, many business owners would rather spend their time developing products and services and meeting with customers instead of spending time behind a desk working on accounting and other tasks.
  • Nearly half of customers indicate that they pay an electronic bill before the paper bill would have even arrived in the mail; nearly 20% paid the same day.
  • Can you imagine going to work and only doing the tasks you enjoy?
  • You can find a number of outsourced billing companies providing a variety of services.

Switching to outsourced billing means clients are assured invoices, notices, communications, and statement processing are delivered quickly, securely, and accurately. With the decision to outsource other office tasks you can see even more benefits. If you are tired of not being able to do the work that is at the heart of your company, perhaps it is time for you to reevaluate the status of many of your day to day office tasks.

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