How Making the Right Hire Can Improve Employee Retention

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 17, 2017. Posted in Dallas staffing agencies, Fort worth staffing, Temp service

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For both employers and workers, staffing and recruitment are important issues. And for both groups, job dissatisfaction and high turnover are likewise a problem. Finding a good match between an employment opportunity and the right candidate can be important. A professional recruitment agency can help to make that decision, since they can maintain their objectivity through the recruitment process.

Staffing is a major concern for employers and workers
For employers, recruitment and staffing are a very important concern. High employee turnover has a number of disadvantages for any business. Disruption, losses due to the costs of making a new hire and training another new employee, and reduced productivity, are just some of these. Total business losses due to high employee turnover can add up to $11 billion a year. As well as loss of productivity, high employee turnover disrupts the smooth running of the workplace.
For as many as 57% of all business surveyed, employee retention is a problem. For businesses and employers looking to maintain a stable workforce, the first step in the process is making the right hire. This is one area where it’s a good idea to call in a professional staffing agency. With their experience of matching the right candidates to the job, they have a greater chance of success.

Hiring a staffing agency
Further, recruiting agencies have the added advantage of having an objective view of the needs of the position and the candidates? skill sets. The job search can be difficult and stressful for both employers and candidates. Hiring an experienced job agency to fill an employment opportunity helps ensure that the process will be transparent, fair and stress free.
An outside staffing agency faces fewer pressures than an inhouse Human Resources department, and can make an objective judgement about which candidates are the best match for an employment opportunity.

Retaining new talent
Making the right hire is a good first step, but it is only the first step. Retaining top talent involves a continuous process, with different elements like onboarding, professional counseling and development, employee appreciation, maintaining a diverse workplace, etc. Many staffing companies offer these services as well as recruitment and hiring.
Having a structured onboarding program can make new hires much more likely to remain with the company. Likewise employee recognition and appreciation programs for continuing employees can make a real and positive difference to the workplace culture. As many as 86% of companies surveyed that have some kind of with employee recognition programs say that these contribute to an increase in worker happiness.

Staffing agencies have the experience and training in matching each employment opportunity to the right candidate. Making the right hire can be very important for both employers and workers. It helps to maintain workplace productivity and culture. For workers, it provides opportunities for career counseling and professional development.

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