How to Soundproof an Office

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 22, 2018. Posted in Concentrate in noisy office, Loud office solutions, Office furniture sustainability

One of the frequent complaints at businesses, hotels, and even between neighbors is a high noise level. As humans, we are startled, annoyed, and disturbed by loud noises. Commotions affect our emotions and our ability to communicate. Not only can someone not hear you if there is noise, but it affects our capacity to focus on mental tasks. This is frequently discussed in situations that require writing, reading, or general critical thinking, like at a business with an office setting.

Business owners might consider investing in a soundproof office and the knowledge behind how to soundproof an office room. Though there will be a cost upfront, it is beneficial for efficiency and service. The effects of soundproofing an office eliminates 51% of conversational distractions, reduces employee stress by 27% and can lower errors in employees’ work by 10%. Overall, the reduction of the noise level can improve worker concentration by 48%.

Additionally, if your business provides customer service by phone, a soundproof office will improve customer relations. The improvement of employees’ ability to focus will allow them to work quickly and directly with the client, reducing the amount of time and confusion in communication on the phone. An employee asking, “I’m sorry. Can you repeat that?” is unprofessional, demonstrates an inadequacy, and easily avoidable. A single instance of poor service can drive away customers. 33% of Americans say that they’ll switch companies with a single poor interaction with a representative.

Now the question is: how to soundproof an office room. There are options that include padding, paint, and building a soundproof booth to make phone calls. Currently, the soundproof paint market is at about $200 million with growth opportunities of 30-50%. This can be a great addition to an office phone booth. Providing a separate room or area to make phone calls and talk to customers can provide the quiet that your employees need. The phone booth office design should ideally match the work environment. If the employees need to use a computer or write, then a desk is necessary. Perhaps the most important is the quality of the construction of the soundproof office phone booth because employees will need to focus on the task at hand. That’s the purpose to build a phone booth.

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