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Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 20, 2016. Posted in Led signs, Scrolling marquee sign, Signs for churches

Scrolling marquee signs

If you think back on today or yesterday, remember everywhere you went and the travel time there, there will almost certainly be one unifying object: signs. They are a constant feature in American?s lives, from construction signs to business signs, they inform and warn and lure. They become a part of the landscape that are not consciously thought of until that moment that the information becomes needed.
Consumers are not alone in becoming so accustomed to the signs they see every day. Business owners grow used to their own signs too. Considering the little understood importance of signs, that can be a big mistake, one that neglects the potential of this often disregarded marketing tool.

The Impact of Signs

Thinking again of your day, try and recall how many of the signs you observed were for businesses that you have visited or where you are a regular customer. It is quite likely that many of the businesses within 5 miles of your home or nearby your work are numbered on that list. After all, 85% of the customers that enter a business live or work within five miles of that location. For those that have a daily work commute, you are probably on of the 71% that looks at the billboards while driving. Maybe you are also one of the 68% that makes shopping decisions in their car. With so many Americans on the road every day, that represents a large amount of marketing power.

Market Better With Signs

The information above should make the ability of an upgrade to digital signs for business an obvious one. Digital signs have better probability of capturing attention and can display more information to passers-by. Every person that reads a sign is a potential customer, and digital signs for business maximize the chances of turning a driver into a patron of your business. Marquee signs, led signs and other digital signs for business could improve profit immediately. That clearly makes digital led sign boards worth an investment.
Commercial business signs are sometimes a forgotten method of marketing, but they should not be. An upgraded sign can help your business, so invest in one today. In the end, you have little to lose and the upward development of your business to gain.

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