My Teen’s Spending Habits are Bankrupting Me! How to Start Saving Money on Clothing Today

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There are more than 40 million teenagers in the United States, and parents are trying to cut their spending down to size. Clothing, food, prom: teens rake in $90 billion every year, and parents say their teens’ spending is out of control. Teens spend thousands every year on clothing: name brand clothing is a must, but what happens when your parents are asking you to spend less? The best way to look great on a budget? Used clothing donations stores offer brand name clothing at discount prices. Teens across American are getting into the spirit of saving: recycled clothing is great for the wallet – and the environment.

Each year, American consumers waste more than 12 million tons of fabrics, but as teens and children in need of clothing are discovering thrift stores and consignment stores, that figure recedes. American landfills are full of clothing that could have been donated. Wondering where to donate household items and clothes? Check your local listings for charities that accept clothing. More than $125 million in new clothing is thrown away every year after being worn once or twice: isn’t it better to donate to a charitable organization? The value of charitable donations to families with children in need of clothing cannot be underestimated.

Most clothing donation stores offer brand name clothing at a deep discount: picky teens should have no problem finding clothing to wear. In fact, part of the appeal of thrift stores to teens is that if they have great taste — which we know they do — they can select outfits that nobody else in their school will have. It can be embarrassing to pick out a special shirt, only to find that three other kids at school have the exact same shirt. Should I wear my shirt Monday or Thursday? When are you going to wear yours? No teenager wants to be a fashion follower: they would rather set trends, and that’s exactly what happens when they shop at thrift stores.

Families with children in need of clothing should be aware that they can save thousands of dollars over the course of an average year just by shopping at clothing donation centers. Children are constantly outgrowing coats, boots, and shoes. Why spend $50 or more on a pair of baby shoes that your child will outgrow in a few months? Thrift stores have shoes as well as clothing, and often offer suitcases, backpacks, curtains, towels, sheets, and jackets. Children in need of clothing can then play harder and have more fun: parents won’t mind so much if they get their clothing dirty if it cost them $2 instead of $75. Prices are extremely attractive at thrift stores.

Parents who shop at recycled clothing donation stores find that they are saving money that can be put into vacations and other special events. What would you do if you found that you had $2,000 more every year? That’s at least one mortgage payment or a great weekend holiday for the whole family. Why spend money on new clothing when you can get the same clothing from a donation center for a fraction of the cost? Every year, more than 2.5 billion tons of clothing and textiles are recycled: environmentalists are trying to shrink our landfills, and recycling clothing is a great help.

There are people all over the world who benefit from American clothing recycling efforts: every year, people in developing nations buy clothing that is exported from our country to theirs. They receive great quality clothing at a small fraction of the cost and are able to put their resources into food, transportation, and education. There are millions of children who are in need of clothing, and teens who love fashion — and the environment — will be excited to see the wide range of clothing available at clothing recycling stores. Start recycling today!

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