The Dangers of PFAs and How to Avoid Them

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It’s important to be aware of PFAs. In many cases, PFAs are often found where contaminated waste sites exist. Statistics show that over 80% of extremely hazardous waste sites throughout the United States have negatively impacted the quality of nearby water sources. It’s understandable to feel confused about these materials and their overall impact on the environment. In this post, you’ll learn about PFAs and where these substances are most commonly found.

Learning About PFAs

PFAs are perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl materials. Within this group of substances, there are also PFOs and PFOA. Throughout history, PFAs have been created as the result of various processes. You’ll find that PFAs occur naturally within the environment. In addition, PFAs can be released into the environment through the waste of industrial efforts.

4 Benefits of Using Custom Banners For Your Business

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For a company to succeed, its advertising department needs to constantly be innovating and looking for ways to acquire new clients and increase traffic. Just as importantly, a company must keep its marketing ROI under control as time goes on. Though you should always be searching for new ways to market your business, you shouldn’t overlook tried-and-true methods of advertising as well.

For instance, using custom banners outside your physical store is actually a fantastic, high-impact technique for generating new leads and getting people to visit your business. For marketing departments in search of high ROI strategies, here are some of the greatest advantages of using high-quality custom banners for your company’s marketing strategy:

They give people a better idea of your company
Approximately 85% of people who participated in a survey either agreed or strongly agreed that signs and banners can “convey the personality or character of the business.” These banners are great for introducing your company to prospective customers. Simply by walking by, they are introduced to your company name, your logo, and all the additional graphics associated with your business.

They are affordable
Other forms of advertising can cost a fortune if you want to guarantee any results or success. With banners and signs, however, you won’t have to spend nearly as much money as other forms of marketing and you can expect results almost instantaneously.

Complete Customization
The custom aspect shouldn’t be overlooked for these banners. Because of their ability to be fully customized to support your brand, you can adjust your signs whenever you want to change your message. Your first set of banners can start with a grand opening theme, but then you can quickly customize another set of banners and promote more specific products or seasonal discounts that your business offers. It’s all up to you and your marketing department.

They can be environmentally friendly
As long as you’re working with an environmentally conscious sign company, you will have access to eco friendly signs that will both look great and not hinder the environment in any way.

It’s time to start improving your physical storefront’s advertising. If you want to learn more about eco friendly signs or find high-quality custom banners for sale, contact Buy Green Signs today.

3 Reasons to Own an Insulated Attic Hatch

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Many homes throughout the United States have an attic. These rooms are typically above the living areas of a home. With that in mind, it’s a wise decision to ensure that the opening to your attic remains properly protected and insulated. It’s understandable to wonder why insulated attic hatches continue to be extremely popular with homeowners. Considering that, here are three benefits of owning an insulated attic access hatch.

  • Not Having to Perform Renovations

    It’s perfectly understandable to want to avoid renovating your home. In many cases, renovations cost homeowners a lot of time and money. However, you might still be searching for a way to reduce air escaping from your attic. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider insulated attic access hatches. These hatches simply fit over your attic’s opening, making it easy to get in and out of this area.
  • Made to Work With Multiple Types of Attics

    Another benefit of an

The Importance of Reusable Plastic

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Packaging, from ammo packaging to thermoformed packaging, is hugely important in the United States (and in many other places around the world). But retail packaging is not always ideal, as packaging such as thermoformed packaging and clamshell packaging, among other types of packaging, is not always environmentally friendly. In fact, this packaging such as thermoformed packaging can have a decidedly negative impact on the environment at large, contributing to pollution in the land as well as in the water

In just one year, more than thirty one million tons of plastic waste is improperly disposed. While it is bad enough for plastic waste to end up in a landfill, this improper disposal has had a massive hand at negatively impacting other places in our planet. Particularly harmed by plastic waste has been the ocean. And while plastic packaging lik