The 5 Things to Look for in a Rapid PCB Manufacturer `

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 25, 2016. Posted in Custom pcb manufacturing, Pcb quote, Prototyping manufacturing

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Different printed circuit board manufacturing companies can operate very differently. Electronics production teams operate in different manners as well, so differences in company practices should not come as a surprise. However, each custom PCB manufacturer should offer certain services in order to meet a producer’s approval.

Here are five key things that every rapid PCB prototyping service should offer:

  1. Instant PCB Quotes

    The vendor should be able to provide you with a quote in seconds. If they cannot do that, a company cannot expect any of the work they do to be completed on time. An electronics producer should not have to wait long in order to receive a simple quote.
  2. An Online Management System

    The hiring company should be allowed access to see the manufacturing process. Without being able to check up on progress, the company cannot guarantee that the project can be finished or even meet the requirements put upon them. In many cases, some components of the PCB are unable to be accommodated due to clearance restrictions.
  3. In-House Parts

    To keep the costs down, it is wise of a rapid PCB manufacturer to have an inventory of commonly used parts that are needed for designers. By buying the components in bulk, money is saved, and then a designer can purchase the needed parts at a reduced cost.
  4. Domestic Manufacturing

    There are a number of reasons to partner with a U.S. manufacturer. For one, it provides jobs to U.S. workers and boosts the economy. Secondly, and more immediately, there will an emphasis on rapid when it comes to rapid PCB manufacturing. If international shipping is required when it comes to prototyping, the speed of order to delivery lowers significantly.
  5. In-House Assembly

    Even if a manufacturer claims that they are based in a certain city or building, unless you ask you do not know if the company actually produces the PCBs on-site. Surprisingly, not all PCB manufacturers operate their own assembly lines in-house.

    Some manufacturers outsource the prototype constructions, again, adding more time to your the project’s turnaround. Although this saves the manufacturer a good amount of money, it will inconvenience the commissioner of the project and put future projects on hold.

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