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We manage your investments through corporate and securities law and want what’s best for you and your finances. We understand that you have many civil rights in regards to your finances as well as protections from things like securities fraud. Many consumers are involving themselves in corporate and securities law matters because they want the most out of their money and they are learning to be careful with it. We want to help prevent large events of financial distress for investors, such as the event that happened with the collapse of Enron in 2001. Ever since then, deceptive accounting practices have been monitored closely so that it doesn’t happen again. Many laws and regulations govern things like stocks, market funds, and bonds. With these rules in place, we work to protect you from many aspects of fraud, such as insider trading, market manipulation, and more.

How a Securities Lawyer Will Benefit Your Case

You want to protect your intellectual property and gain assistance during complex commercial disputes, which is why our services are right for you. In 1962, about 11.5% of civil cases involving fraud would go to trial – however, about 1% of these cases go to trial now. Class actions regarding fraud are handled by FedArb Arbitrators and help you get a settlement after your finances have changed due to securities issues.

A securities lawyer is one of the best choices to have on your side because they can help you look into the common signs of securities fraud when you are looking to invest your money, and keep it safe. We can advise you of the many claims that are available to you when you suffer from losses, as well, because not everything is going to be preventable when you enter the world of investing. You are owed fiduciary responsibility and we will help you in litigation if you decide to push for a claim after you have lost out on certain aspects of your money. If you want to bring a suit against your broker, we will stand by your side and help you make your case.

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