Why HDD is Perfect for Underground Installations

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 3, 2018. Posted in Austin directional drilling contractors, Construction projects, Directional drilling services

There are many miles of roads and highways throughout the United States. While this is great for drivers, it can be difficult for businesses needing to place materials underground. With that in mind, many companies contact horizontal directional drilling or HDD contractors. Horizontal directional drilling is often the preferred underground boring method chosen by companies needing to work under roadways. In this post, you’ll learn how the horizontal directional drilling process works are why it’s perfect for installations under roadways.

The Phases of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling is often preferred by many companies that need to place material under the ground’s surface. You’ll find that there are typically three main phases of the HDD process. The first stage of this process focuses on placing a pilot hole into ground’s surface. After this occurs, a bore will be placed into the ground that allows for a pipe to be pulled into this newly created tunnel. Next, the material that needs to be installed will be fed into the pipe.

Statistics gathered from the 2017 Horizontal Directional Drilling Survey found that fiber communication technology caused the telecommunications industry to see a 24.4% increase in their company’s usage of HDD markets. These companies often need to have conduits and lines installed throughout a wide range of areas. Considering that, horizontal directional drilling is perfect to help telecommunication companies accomplish these goals.

Why HDD is Perfect for Installations Under Roadways

There are several beneficial reasons to have underground boring contractors complete this type of work near roadways. Pulling up large sections of a road will likely incur all sorts of costs. Making matters worse, it’s highly unlikely that a city will allow your company to tear up large chunks of road. In many cases, this would mean having to divert large portions of commuters which creates a huge headache for everyone.

When considering that headaches you’re likely to encounter by digging up roads, it’s wise to choose underground drilling. This process ensures that roadways remain undisturbed while conduits and other materials are installed underground. In turn, your company will avoid costs associated with tearing up roads. Also, drivers and city officials will remain happy that cable, phone line, and other materials can be installed without their commute being impeded.

In closing, many companies utilize horizontal directional drilling. This process allows companies from many different industries to successfully install material underground. Considering that, HDD is commonly performed in areas where equipment must be installed under roadways. Whether your company needs lines, pipes, or conduits installed under roadways, it’s wise to contact an underground directional boring company.

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