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Choosing the Right Shipping Materials For Your Company

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 30, 2016. Posted in Cardboard mailer boxes, Custom mailer boxes, Custom printed corrugated displays

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There are a lot of businesses that do a large percentage or the primary bulk of their business via the internet today. In fact, there are even some companies that run entirely on the internet. Many of these companies provide some type of an item to the customer. Their storefront is online, either in Ebay, Amazon or another website form. A customer can browse their inventory from their website, just like they would any other online company. Once they choose the items they want, they will pay for them and wait for them to be shipped directly to their home. The company owner simply has to select the item, box it up and then ship it to the customer in the amount of time they desired. A company that works in this way will need a lot of shipping supplies, and will need a great variety of quality boxes and s

Setting Things in Motion for Your Industrial Service Company — Getting the Right Parts for Your Heay Equipment

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Many areas of the industry, like construction, demolition and trucking, routinely rely on heavy equipment. In these fields, it is often important to efficiently tackle large moving or building requirements, and heavy equipment like commercial engine cylinders, hardox steel plates and line bores are frequently used to great effect to tackle industry requirements. In areas like transportation and trucking, large trucks fitted with different features that are used to transport heavy loads are also a common part of the scheme of things. If you are part of a company which services a similar industry, where there is regular and crucial use of

Five Characteristics of a Good Epedigree Solution

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E pedigree serialization

Pharmaceutical fraud is a glaring problem in the United States. In the last 15 years, it is estimated that there is been close to $200 billion in pharmaceutical counterfeiting, theft, and drug tampering. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the black market pharmaceutical industry costs legitimate pharmaceutical businesses about $32 billion in damages and lost revenue every single year. Beyond the monetary burden that this puts on pharmaceutical companies, the tampering and contamination of medication is dangerous to patients taking them.

Because risk imposed by pharmaceutical fraud is so great, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed regulations on the documentation of pharmaceuticals, called “epedigree solutions.” Continue Reading | No Comments

How to Have a Complete Commercial Fire Protection Plan

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Commercial fire protection is not just about preventing a fire. A complete fire protection system has measures in place for every stage: preventing, minimizing, and cleaning up. Hotel and motel fires result in about $76 million in property damage annually. It is ideal for a company that operates from a large building, such as a data center or hotel, to have implemented a good commercial fire protection system so as to minimize loss of property and potential danger.

Did you know that if a renovation at a hotel requires turning off the fire alarm, even for a limited amount of

If Your Child Needs After School or Daytime Care, Shouldn’t They Receive the Best Care Available?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 20, 2016. Posted in Child care, Child care management system, Home daycare software

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Whether you’re a first time parent, or a seasoned veteran, there is nothing more important than placing your child in the best hands when you’re not there. With fewer than one in three children having a full time, stay at home parent, child care has become a huge industry, and is becoming more and more dedicated to the best care for children every day.

If you’re looking into child care options that work for you, there are a few things your should consider before choosing one. Nanny services are included in child care searches, but may be less affordable than a traditional day care center. After school programs are great for children in elementary and middle school, but most daytime child care options are for parents with preschool age children. If your child participates in multiple activitie

Save more on your utility bills today

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Having electric service is taken for granted in our modern society. It is a simple fact that every day we will likely be using a large amount of electricity. In fact, you are using electricity right now as you are reading this article. You might not even think about how many different ways you use electricity. Electricity is that ingrained into our lives and is absolutely inseparable from our modern ways of life. We even use about twelve times more electricity these days than about sixty or so years ago.

Obviously, electricity is not free. It is produced in large plants using various methods depending on the type of plant you have local to you. After production, it goes to our energy suppliers for distributing to their designated areas. You sign up for service and then pay your ele

Is Your Business Dying? Here’s 3 Ways to Shake Some Life Into It

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 18, 2016. Posted in Car wrap advertising, Panel sign st louis, Window graphics

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You?ve had your business for several years now. At first, it was so easy to get people in the door you barely had to invest in any marketing. However, times change, and anything from shifting consumer tastes to the rising costs of raw materials, to the growth of of internet marketing could be cutting into your bottom line. An estimated 470,000 businesses in the U.S. will die each year.

How can you push some life back into your dying business? It?s not time to close the doors just yet. Here are a few suggestions.

Get Your Company Online

You need more than just a rarely updated Facebook page to count as being online. Capturing today?s consumers means having a website that?s mobile friendly, as well as several social media pages. Make sure that your website is

Taking Compact to the Next Level an Office in a Storage Container

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If you are looking for a used storage container for sale, you probably have a pretty good idea what you are going to modify it into becoming. Storage container modifications rose in popularity a few years ago. Since then, people have flooded the internet with pictures of their new pop-up restaurant containers, office containers, even making tiny homes out of containers. You might be wondering how this trend has become popular; after all, isn’t a used storage container for sale meant to, well, store things for shipping? Read below to find out what you have been missing.

Why Shipping Containers?<

Here’s How Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Services Can Take Your Company to the Next Level

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 10, 2016. Posted in Marketing logistics and supply chain management, Marketing logistics concept, Marketing supply chain management

Marketing logistics concept

Considering how many daily operations you need to juggle, between paying bills and hiring new employees, it can be difficult to satisfy the logistical aspects of your business. Ecommerce is more important than ever, and you need to take full advantage of online shopping to reach your full potential.

With ecommerce order fulfillment services, you can have more time to worry about growing your company while third party logistics team (3PL) handles all of your shipping concerns. From marketing your product to warehouse logistics, ecommerce order fulfillment services can ensure that your products arrive at the doorstop of customers in an efficient manner.

Ecommerce is quickly becoming the go-to purc

Providing Your Customers with Great Customer Service 24/7

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The biggest problem with small businesses and gaining customer loyalty is the ability to be available to the customer, when needed. Many smaller companies are run by one or two individual owners. They may have other responsibilities, such as families, other jobs or they may be so overwhelmed with the many aspects of the business that they are not always available. A lack of availability can transfer into lost customers, lost profits and a lack of recommendations of your business. What are some ways that a smaller company, who cannot afford to hire more employees yet; can improve their availability to their customers?

Eighty percent of people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail. They may need assistance immediately or they may decide they will just call back later. Many do not ac