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School Cleaning The Last Thing That Should Be Neglected

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If any one place should be cleaner than any other — excepting medical facilities — it’s probably a school. School cleaning is remarkably important simply because of the people who work and learn there. Children, and in particular young children, are more susceptible to disease than adults. And teachers have a limited amount of sick leave as it is, and often lack the ability to take off of work whenever they get sick School cleaning isn’t simply about protecting people from infection and illness, although that’s certainly the principle concern at hand. It’s also about creating a clean, safe environment for teachers and students — who are, after all, just trying to learn! There’s a lot that goes into school cleaning, including picking the right Continue Reading | No Comments

Finding The Business Space You Need Through Renting

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An important part of running any business is having a space in which you can conduct that business. However, finding that space can be easier said than done. The fact is that where once you may have considered buying a space, renting is starting to look like a better and better option for most small businesses and retailers. There are plenty of reasons why, which we’ll get into below. But just because you’re renting rather than buying doesn’t mean that all of your considerations and needs have to change. There are many things you’ll want to think about when renting — whether you’re looking for a big business space for rent or a small retail space for rent. So, without any further wait, let’s dive into them.

Renting Versus Buying: Why Rent?

Maybe you’re not set o

Why Shredding is so Crucial to Security

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Secure document storage is extremely important especially for companies to keep a lot of sensitive information about clients and customers. Making sure that these documents never get out to the public or to someone with ill intent is the responsibility of the company holding the documents. This is why document shredding services are so crucial. Part of secure document storage is being able to offer secure shredding services once the papers are done. This can be done at onsite shredding services or secure document storage and shredding c

Ways You Can Make Your Shipping Process More Environmentally Friendly

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Cargo shipping is big business. Cargo airlines are designated that when they are only responsible for moving cargo both within a country or around the globe. They provide services that are needed to manage and control the flow of information, energy, goods, products and services from the manufacturing point to the sales destination. An estimated $6.4 trillion in cargo were transported by the global aviation industry in 2012. If you are responsible for the door to door moving of products, you may want to find a more environmentally friendly way to get your shipping done.

Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Shipping Process:

Fall Protection Safety Equipment Explained

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It is no secret that construction workers lifting gear, rigging equipment, and material handling are at risk for falling and other accidents. OSHA follows a three step program to prevent falls and accidental deaths; plan, provide, and train.


Before you go ahead and purchase fall protection equipment, you need to determine the different risks and potential fall hazards in your workplace. The first step of action needed is to eliminate the potential risk of falling, and this could be as simple as moving your work to a ground floor.


It is essential you provide your team of employees with the right fa

Is it Time for Government-Subsidized Daycare?

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We all know that child care can be extraordinarily expensive. Americans spend, on average, nearly 8% of their income on child care management, whether it’s a daycare or after school program, whether it’s only for a few hours a day or whether it’s full time.

Parents with young children who aren’t yet in school perhaps face the toughest challenges. Couples must decide whether to rely on only one stream of income for all of their living expenses — one parent works while the other stays home to look after the child — or to both work, and then spend a significant amount of every paycheck on daycare payment. More often than not, the weight of the “to work or not to work” question falls on the mother’s

Tips to a Better Shipping Strategy

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If you are shipping anything, using corrugated cardboard boxes is a great choice. It is the most popular choice in the shipping industry. There are 1,500 plants to make these boxes across North America. It is an environmentally friendly option. Nearly 91% of these products have been recycled over the past few years. When one ton of cardboard will prevent nine cubic yards from being sent to landfills. It is also very cost effective. For the past 100 years, it has been considered the preferred packaging solution. When you go with custom printed corrugated boxes, you can get the best option for your customers and your bottom line.

If you are going to ship with custom printed corrugated boxes, here

Can?t Take the Heat? Repair Your AC Unit!

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What did we do before heating and cooling systems? If you want a literal answer, then you can look to the obvious solutions like fireplaces and animal pelts for warmth, and the ingenious ways in which cool water was circulated into homes in the golden age of Rome. But even with this knowledge of the old ways, it seems like people of the past must have been no strangers to suffering due to extreme temperatures.

Modern heating and cooling systems are so efficient and convenient, it seems unthinkable to ever go back to the old ways. This is why proper maintenance of these systems is crucial, especially for those living in places susceptible to very hot or very cold temperatures.


Utilizing the Trade Show Marketing Plan

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Any successful company understands the necessity of marketing. Marketing creates new customers and reminds older customers of y our business, increasing their visits. There are many ways to market, in fact, many companies have entire marketing teams that are responsible for creating new marketing campaigns to continue increasing business. However, one of the most overlooked types of marketing is that of trade shows. Trade shows offer many marketing benefits, one of the biggest being that trade shows actually bring customers directly to you. They are an opportunity to share to hundreds, possibly even thousands of new customers what is so great about your business. There are no other marketing opportunities that allows for that level of free marketing.

The average company allocates 31.6% of its total

What You Should Know About Commercial Fan Options

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When it comes to heating and cooling your business, there are more options than ever before available — believe it or not! When it comes time to repair or replace your current system, there are a lot of factors you?re going to need to keep in mind. Let?s review exactly what?s important to know.

Counter Flow Units

These can be quite compact, while still yielding a large output. They can also be suspended from ceilings. If you are interested in Exhausto fans, the Airflow 120 may suit your needs, or alternatively, the Airflow 400. Quiet operation is a key part of all available models.

Rotary Units

These units can be transported through a doorway and offer flexible spigot locations. They can be pla