Providing Your Customers with Great Customer Service 24/7

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 9, 2016. Posted in After hours phone answering service, After hours phone service, Answering service maryland

24 hour answering service

The biggest problem with small businesses and gaining customer loyalty is the ability to be available to the customer, when needed. Many smaller companies are run by one or two individual owners. They may have other responsibilities, such as families, other jobs or they may be so overwhelmed with the many aspects of the business that they are not always available. A lack of availability can transfer into lost customers, lost profits and a lack of recommendations of your business. What are some ways that a smaller company, who cannot afford to hire more employees yet; can improve their availability to their customers?

Eighty percent of people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail. They may need assistance immediately or they may decide they will just call back later. Many do not ac