Businesses Are Turning Towards This Method of Hiring to Put You to Work

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In the United States, there’s always a heated conversation about employment. While the numbers always seem to indicate that there simply isn’t enough work to go around for everyone, over half (57%) of the businesses currently operating in the U.S. claim that employee retention is a problem. That is to say — our businesses can’t find enough people who want to stay at their jobs!

Much of this — as much as 22% of all new hires in America — can be attributed to poor performance and temperament issues among new employees. This is so much of an issue for American businesses that they are more frequently opting to use the services of an outplacement firm.

Outplacement consulting firms and outplacement companies all serve an important function in the workplace — to help businesses with talent acquisition. Because retaining employees is so difficult, it’s something of a high operating cost for most. That’s why businesses are flocking to these companies which onboard, consult, and help place qualified employees with businesses that would be an excellent match for them.

If you’re looking for the HR outplacement services Texas residents have trusted for years, look no further. Each year, these services are increasingly becoming the favorite for corporations and other agencies when it comes time to onboard new talent. It’s saving these businesses a ton of money, too.

Consider that the United States Department of Labor estimates that the average costs of one of these hiring incidents can cost as much as 30% of the potential earnings of the employee’s first year. Then consider how badly it hurts businesses to have so many employees join their organizations, and then leave within a month or two. The costs of training and onboarding that individual are essentially gone forever, and the cycle must begin anew as a replacement employee is trained and brought on.

The trends indicate that the future of business onboarding is likely to go through a business or service that streamlines the process for larger businesses who are doing a lot of hiring. Outplacement services are likely to see a huge boost in business.

Things you can do to Stem Employee Turnover in your Organization

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It used to be that people would get hired right out of college (or high school) at a firm and then stay with that firm for the rest of their lives, moving up the ladder and acquiring houses, cars, children, etc. in the process.

Now, the landscape has changed drastically, and employee retention is a problem for the majority of organizations across all firms. Businesses, public organizations, and nonprofits everywhere are scrambling for talent acquisition firms and outplacement services to try to induce Millennials to stay for more than 45 days. Employers everywhere are leaking money trying desperately to compensate for the loss if institutional memory, communication