When to Carry Out Internal Auditing

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 13, 2019. Posted in Internal audit, Prioritization of risks, Supply chain management

Auditing, for those not yet familiar with the term, describes the act of investigating and looking over a person or business’s financial records, bookkeeping, tax information, and more. Put simply, it is an effort to look over all money-related information from a person or business, and doing so can be very important. A company may undergo internal audits to ensure that all records are consistent, and identification of risks or trying to identify opportunities for operational improvement may be possible. Risk management is one goal of an audit, and internal audit co-sourcing is one way to get this work done. An employee who is new to business may have to learn how and why auditing is done, not to mention internal audit co-sourcing work. What is there to know about audits to day and internal audit co-sourcing?

Internal Audit Co-Sour