Using Cable Chokers and Slings to Lift Cargo

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 18, 2019. Posted in Nylon lifting slings, Rigging equipment near me, Synthetic slings

A number of industries in the United States involve manual labor and working with large, heavy loads, such as logging or construction. These industries, and their workers, need the right hardware to get a good day’s work done, and this may include a cable choker, a logging choker, cable and rigging products of all kinds, or web slings. Safety comes first, of course, for both human life and for property. So, workers should always be careful that they are using the correct hardware or cable choker for the job, and that the cable choker or sling in question is in good shape and is rated for certain weights. If a cable choker is not strong enough for the job, a sling may be used instead. In what cases is a cable choker the best option, or when should a sling be used? And where does worker safety fit into a construction project?