Is Your Business Dying? Here’s 3 Ways to Shake Some Life Into It

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 18, 2016. Posted in Car wrap advertising, Panel sign st louis, Window graphics

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You?ve had your business for several years now. At first, it was so easy to get people in the door you barely had to invest in any marketing. However, times change, and anything from shifting consumer tastes to the rising costs of raw materials, to the growth of of internet marketing could be cutting into your bottom line. An estimated 470,000 businesses in the U.S. will die each year.

How can you push some life back into your dying business? It?s not time to close the doors just yet. Here are a few suggestions.

Get Your Company Online

You need more than just a rarely updated Facebook page to count as being online. Capturing today?s consumers means having a website that?s mobile friendly, as well as several social media pages. Make sure that your website is