From Helping The Environment To Saving You Money The Benefits Of Donating To Purple Heart Foundations

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 6, 2019. Posted in Clothes donations, Donations that pick up at home, When to donate clothes

Donating to charity is a wonderful act with endless benefits. Just take a look at clothing donation services.

Getting rid of those worn-out jeans and ill-fitting cardigans doesn’t just free up space in your closet. You give people in your community the opportunity to buy clothes at a low price. You do your part to recycle useful materials back into the economy, reducing strain on the environment while providing work. It’s a veritable snowball of good results, gaining traction all with one act. Now is always the best time to donate to your Purple Heart foundation.

Not sure how to go about reaping all the benefits? Here is a step-by-step guide for charity clothing donations, from choosing which ones you don’t want to saving money on your taxes. Everyone has something to cheer about with charitable donations!

Find Clothes You Haven’t Worn In A While

There is a lot of discussion today about the benefits of organizing your home and, subsequently, your life. If you’re someone dealing with a lot of clutter, just the thought of cleaning up can be so intimidating you never get started. Clothes are a wonderful place to start cleaning out what you don’t need. A popular rule-of-thumb is to dig through your closet and pull out any clothes you haven’t worn in six months or more. This is especially helpful if you live in a one to two season climate and don’t have much need for variety.

Separate Damaged Clothes From Gently Used Clothes

Not all clothes should be sent to charitable clothing donations. Some are better suited for recycling companies, though you can still ask donation pick up to send them to the right facility. Gently used clothes should be free from tears, holes, burns, rips, and stains. The average American today throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and various textiles per year. Textiles account for as much as 5% municipal waste, with just 15% of them recycled. Even damaged clothes can be repurposed and put back into the economy, providing several sectors with useful linen, cotton, and spandex.

Reach Out To Clothing Pick Up Services

Once you have your damaged clothes and gently used clothes separated, your next step is to call for donation pick up. Your Purple Heart foundation will have pick up services able to visit your house or apartment, taking your clothes to the appropriate locations without so much as a hitch in your schedule. All you have to do is give them easy to follow directions and easily labeled bags or boxes with your donations. As much as 45% of recycled clothing today is worn as secondhand clothing, according to recent studies. There is a whole world of good you can do with just a call.

Ask About In Demand Clothing Items

A great way to get the most out of your donation is to ask your Purple Heart foundation which clothes are in the highest demand. This changes depending on both the season and location — you might have swimsuits in demand for summer, while scarves and gloves might be requested for winter. Men’s overcoats and suits are worth nearly $60 as tax write-off, for starters, and shoes are particularly popular. You can also ask your Purple Heart foundation about furniture donations. A coffee maker is usually worth between $5 to $15 as a tax write-off.

Keep A Receipt To Write Off On Your Taxes

Last, but not least, your donations to Purple Heart foundations can also save you money on your taxes. Keep your receipt so you can record the most accurate amount next time you fill out your form. The IRS requires a qualified appraisal to be submitted alongside your tax return if you donate any single form of clothing or household item that’s in good used condition. Charitable clothing donations are wonderful because they go a long way to help every layer of society. They keep the environment clean, your home uncluttered, and your wallet happy.

Do a good thing (or two) this year. Help out families in need by donating to your local Purple Heart foundation.

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