Storage For Your Business — What it Could Look Like and Whether or Not You Need It

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 6, 2016. Posted in New shipping containers for sale, New storage containers for sale, Portable concession stands

Steel cargo container

Shipping makes the world go ’round. No, seriously. Without the shipping industry, we’d be right back in the Middle Ages where a new stock of grain, nice clothes, or a fresh horse would mean a perilous, two-month-long journey across land and sea. Right now, there are 20 million containers wending their way across the world. China is a shipping mogul, The US is close behind, and the the market is only projected to grow in the coming years.
Now, we’re betting that when you think about an office container for sale, you think of those giant steel shipping containers that get loaded and unloaded onto boats. You’re almost too afraid to google “purchase containers” because of the complicated hassle and besides, it’s not like you have to get 40 ft shipping containers to hold your franchises entire net wealth. You’re just trying to protect your tea, or jewelry, or banana stand inventory or what have you.
We understand the reticence, but what if we told you that you could find an office container for sale that exactly fit your needs? We’re also betting you didn’t know that when a lot of companies advertise “office container for sale,” they don’t just mean steel drums or giant weather-proof pods. Portable concession stands or “pop up shops” also qualify as office containers, and are usually a far cheaper, easier option than trying to build one from scratch and up to code.
Most storage/shipping outfits also offer an extremely high degree of customization. Like, think “portable mini-house” adjustable. Some things that are usually adjustable include:
– The number and style of doors, windows, and even skylights
– Climate control options, such as heat, air conditioning, and dehumidifying
– Interior modifications like hidden drawers, custom flooring, or scaffolding
-Specialized locking mechanisms such as deadbolts, digital combination locks, or latches
-Shelving in all shapes and sizes
-The paint job
If all this sounds tempting (but expensive), then it might be time to ask yourself a very important question: Are shipping and storage containers a luxury or a necessity for your business? Businesses where an office container for sale might be a necessary capital acquisition include:
-Schools who do big summer stock orders (and already have full basements).
-Companies that are responsible for storing sensitive documents.
-Any and all food service providers, even if you only deal in dry goods. (Critters LOVE dry goods).
-IT/technology companies with a lot of stock on the shelf.
If any of these describe what you do, sit down with your accountant (or that cousin of yours in business school), and reconsider your break-even analyses to include some investment in a good, solid office storage unit of some sort. The economic presence of storage and shipping companies speaks for itself, and we’re pretty sure you won’t regret it.

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