Why fly business class or first class when you’ve worked this hard to be the 1%

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 30, 2018. Posted in Executive private jet, Private flights, Private jet charter

Have you put in hours your entire life so that you could afford the best things in life? Do you often have to take quick trips and but your business life in order only to be met with the frustrations that come with boarding a plane? Have you considered charting private jets for your journeys? Considering that in 2011 alone 11,261 private jets were registered, perhaps it is time to switch your own means of transportation and give yourself a break from all of the mishaps that can occur when you hop on board a plane at the airport. If you have been burned by commercial flights one too many times and you know that perhaps it is time to find other methods of transportation for your business trips and other travels, a jet charter may be the best method of transportation for you.

What exactly are we talking about when we mention frustrations with air travel?

Missing luggage

How much of a nightmare is it to arrive at your destination only to find out that your luggage has not made the trip? Although this seems like something that only happens on a television screen to some, this is something that really happens to many travelers. They make their way to gather their luggage only to find out that somehow their bags have not made the trip. With a private jet flight, these worries are not something that you would have to consider. With a private aircraft your belongings are right there with you rather than waiting on a tarmac to be picked up. This could prevent quite a few traveling frustrations from occurring.

Crying infants

Children can be precious and adorable. However, on a long flight the screaming that could potentially come along with them is not so cute. Private jet flights allow for the traveler to pick who is along for their ride. If you have important business to conduct while in the air, a screaming child may not be on your list of passengers to be along with you. A private jet charter would allow for quite and comfortable traveling so that you can get where you need in peace. Maybe even get a little bit of work or sleep on the plane as well. Unless of course the crying toddlers are yours, then perhaps over time your young ones will learn to get used to air travel, hopefully for your sake anyway.

Less risk of delays

Private charter means that there is far less risk of your plate being delayed. With your private jets you get to go exactly where you need to go without making ten thousand other stops for other passengers on board. Instead, the only stops that will be made when you charter a jet are the ones you schedule yourself. Or the impromptu stops you and your pilot decide to make. Without any frustrating delays or layovers. Your ride can be seamless and quick for the ultimate plane riding experience. Who doesn’t like the thought of there being no delays when getting from one place to another.

What are you waiting for? Private jets can save you both time and money. The next time you find yourself frustrated by the complications of commercial flights remember that you’ve worked so hard to get this far you deserve to take a few private flights, because your business is an important thing and getting from one place to another with ease cannot hurt. Charter a private jet and be on your way to the simple life, you may never go back to taking commercial flights again.

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