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Save Money on Office Supplies with These Tips

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 29, 2016. Posted in Bulk 3 ring binders, Printable sticker labels, Wholesale bubble mailers

Spiral bound graph paper notebook

No matter what the size of your business or charity, you are probably always on the lookout for ways to save money on office supplies. On average, the typical office worker will burn through 10,000 pages of paper every year. That is, in part, to feed the millions of copy machines that are used all over the country. There were about seven million of them in 1991 and that number has only increased since then. Printing and writing paper accounts for at least half of all paper manufactured in the United States. There is a way to cut the costs associated in this area. From buying Kraft bubble mailers wholesale to looking for cheap ring binders, you can save money on your office supplies.

Ways You Can Save Money on Office Supplies:

  • Talk to

Struggling With Employee Retention? Look Into Setting Up A Talent Acquisition Management Service

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 27, 2016. Posted in Executive hr search firms, Talent acquisition management

Outplacement consultant

What methods have you been taking to improve your business from the ground up? Some brands choose to bolster their human resource staffing in order to better connect with their customer base, while others choose to narrow down their efforts toward a stronger marketing campaign throughout the year. Whether you’re trying to expand or are just starting out, an outplacement service is ideal for you to better distribute your employees’ talents while keeping your results effective and reliable. Using HR executive recruiters to create the ideal middleman can be a difficult step to take, however, so we’re going to look at the benefits of an

3 of the Most Common Types of Blister Packaging

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 26, 2016. Posted in Blister packaging, Carded blister packaging, Track and trace pharmaceutical

Bottle packaging

If you’ve ever eaten any packaged food, purchased electronics, or have taken medications, then chances are very high that you have come into contact with blister product packaging. Blister packaging is a series of very versatile vinyl-plastic packaging materials that help to not only protect our materials from environmental damage, but to prevent us from ingesting any tampered or wrongful medications (in the case of children).
To help you understand this versatile and dynamic industry a little better, here are three of the most common types of blister packaging, as well as their most popular uses:

Carded Packaging
Carded blister product packaging can be seen throughout the pharmaceutical world, as it is commonly used to package medicine. Continue Reading | No Comments

Flexible Packaging for Humans, Pets, and the Environment

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 26, 2016. Posted in Liquid spout bags, Pouch packaging services, Rollstock

Custom product packaging design

There is a lot more that goes into the flexible packaging market than the average person understands. It’s a much larger industry all together. The plastics industry contributes $375 billion to the U.S. economy and employs around one million workers. Flexible packaging is a major part of that. From pet food to sustainable shrink sleeves for bottles, flexible packaging is here to stay. Here is everything that you need to know:

  • To deliver 10 gallons of liquid, it requires only 1.5 pounds of flexible plastic.
  • Oxygen transmission rate equations are implemented into every flexible plastic campaign.
  • Products being packaged go through a chemical compa

Small Business Lending Helps Businesses Expand and Grow

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 26, 2016. Posted in Small business lending, Small business loan company, Unsecured business funding

Small business success

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. They provide jobs and essential products and services. For small businesses to survive and grow, capital inputs are necessary. Small business lending can provide the funding for expansion, capital investment in IT or equipment, or to grow inventory. But it’s not always easy for small businesses to get loans. In fact the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has found that after lack of experience, lack of capital is the most important reason why small businesses fail.

The backbone of the economy
Even though the talk is al

What You Need to Know About Sewer Maintenance

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 25, 2016. Posted in Hydro jetting cost, Sewer pipe inspection cincinnati, Sewer repair ghanna

Sewer lateral rehabilitation cincinnati

Homeowners have so much to keep up with, they might overlook or forget about some issues that could cause extreme damage if not properly handled. One of these issues is proper sewer pipe maintenance. The type of damage that can occur can be detrimental to your entire property, not just in the sewer.

Angie Hicks of Angie’s List recommends getting your sewer pipes inspected if your home is more than 40 years old. Just to be safe, you might want to get them inspected even if your home is a little younger. Since professional sewer care can help preserve landscaping and and other outdoor features such as patios and decks, 73% of homeowners say that they would pay more for sewer and drain replacement. The good news is that once you get your pipes replaced, you should be in the

How to Chose a Unique Sympathy Gift

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 19, 2016. Posted in Ash necklaces, Ashes necklace pendant, Cremation necklaces

Pendant for ashes

When a loved one dies, it is important to some people to have memorial keepsakes of one kind or another to remember the deceased by. Urns, which are ash containers of an ornamental style, are popular. There are even pet urns for ashes now. Mourning jewelry is considered by some to be one of the best sympathy gifts; its ability to comfort the mourning depends on the person receiving it.

Pet Urns for Ashes.

Cremation was already being practiced by the Roman Empire from 27 B.C. to 395 A.D. Even then, people desired to have a cremation urn for ashes of loved ones. Elaborately decorated urns were commonly stored not in homes, but in special buildings called columbariums. Pet Urns for ashes ha

Do You Really Need to Employ Full-Time Employees? The Rise of “On Call” Administrative Workers

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 11, 2016. Posted in Office space for rent in atlanta, Office space for rent miami fl, Professional office space

Office space for rent miami

One of the most inspiring movements in the current economy is the rise of small businesses and overall American entrepreneurship. Businesses with fewer than 500 employees are responsible for more than 60% of all new jobs in the last 20 years, and recent studies indicate that more than 25 million small businesses are currently in operation across the country. Surprisingly, many small businesses operate remotely: employees “telecommute” from home and deliver their work via the internet.

Understandably, many small businesses seek to avoid office space leasing costs. Experts do note, however, that if a small business owner does want to rent office space, there are often extremely flexible lease terms. New businesses spend at least $30,000 in the first few years of doing business, and there a