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How a 24-Hour Answering Service Can Help Your Business or Practice

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 26, 2016. Posted in Doctors answering service, Phone answering service, Small business answering service

After hours phone service

Customer service is a very important aspect of any business or practice, but U.S. companies lose $41 billion every year due to poor customer service. Why is this though?

Customer service goes beyond a friendly face and useful information — although those things are certainly important as well. Accessibility is a huge aspect of customer service, but not all companies have that idea at the forefront.

Surveys show that 79% of consumers would rather talk to a company on the phone over any other form of communication, and 69% of people agree that over-the-phone customer service is better and more helpful than it is online, according to Forrester, yet most businesses do not offer any after hours answering services. Four out of five people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail, as

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana facility construction

The legal marijuana industry is growing quickly in the United States, especially now that 23 states (plus the District of Columbia) have legalized the drug. Medical marijuana business development is becoming more popular, and entrepreneurs are finding ways to invest in the cannabis industry. In the last six years, public support for marijuana legalization has also grown: 58% of Americans now approve of the legalization of cannabis, compared to 17% in 2010.
The medicinal properties of marij