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Which Type of Packaging is Good for Stability Studies

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 15, 2017. Posted in Bottle packaging designs, Plastic blister packaging, Supply chain pharmaceutical

Auto injector pharmaceutical packaging

When a medication has to undergo stability studies, it can be a stressful time for a company. You’ll want to ensure that you have done all that you can to ensure that stability studies go as well as possible. A big component of stability studies is how well a medication can be stored. Product packaging is essential in helping your product remain safely stored for long periods of time. In this post, we will be discussing three crucial aspects that make up a properly packaged product.

The first aspect to ensuring you have a properly packaged product has to do with the outer enclosure. One of the most commonly used types of packaging would be the blister pack. A blister pack is usually plastic packaging that provides a bubble of protection to the product. Blister

A Few Distinct Advantages that Come with Hard Coatings

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 15, 2017. Posted in Industrial coatings, Sliding wear coatings

Thermal spray coating

Whether it’s a power tool or a steel art installation, hard coatings are incredibly useful and important. More than that, they’re just about everywhere you look. If a building or sculpture has exposed metal on it, there’s a good chance that a hard coating was used to preserve the appearance of whatever metal was used.
Wear-resistant coatings have special properties that make them much more desirable than other types of coatings, and it’s not difficult to see why. Here are just a few of the many distinct advantages of hard coatings.
As far as industrial coatings are concerned, most of them can last indefinitely under normal conditions. Exposure to mo