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The Right Tech for the Office

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 3, 2019. Posted in Delaware virtual office locations, Virtual office in wilmington delaware, Virtual offices for rent

American businesses always need a central office where employees are hard at work. Most adults are familiar with the scene of cubicles, desks, meeting rooms, fax machines, and more. Plenty of good work can be done here, but some workers today may not realize that there are some more flexible alternatives to sitting in a cubicle five days a week. Current technology with computers, the Internet, and more make virtual offices a reality, and even meeting solutions can be found with today’s Internet services. What does this mean? An employee doesn’t have to be in the meeting room to attend a meeting, instead using Skype or similar services to have what’s called a “virtual” presence for meeting solutions. On top of that, some models of office space for smaller companies are proving popular, such as coworking spaces. How do co working spaces function?

Virtual Presences

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Sandblasting For Asphalt Repair

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 3, 2019. Posted in Concrete speed bumps, Pavement striping, Striping for parking lots

The United States is a nation of roads, and ever since the early 1900s, countless miles of roads, highways, parking lots, and more have been put down to allow cars and trucks to get around. Cars have grown from a novelty to a mainstream way of getting around, and roads and highways are essential for buses and trucks, too. After all, a lot of domestic American shipping is done by truck, and trucks are also used for international trade with Canada to the north. This means that not only should fresh pavement and roads be put down as needed, but existing roads should be taken good care of. A rough and worn-out road is a hassle to drive on at best, and at worst, such roads can damage the vehicles that drive on them. An asphalt company can help with this, and sandblasting is a fine way to prepare a road or parking lot for pavement striping or just routine cleaning. Fixing cracked concrete may be another duty of highway crews, and strip