5 Benefits to Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 7, 2016. Posted in Benefits of hiring a cleaning company, Commercial cleaning services minneapolis, Medical office cleaning service

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Hiring commercial cleaning services to take care of your business is an incredibly good idea. There are many companies that have outsourced cleaning services because they realize how much better for the business it is. You may be having your employees clean up the place but that should stop now. Invest a little money in commercial cleaning services and have them come in during the hours in which the business is closed so that you don’t have to worry about the office being cleaned properly. Here are some other things that hiring commercial cleaning services will do.

Boost Employee Moral
When you hire an employee, they have a job description. They are expected to follow this job description in order to be able to keep their job. When you keep adding to their duties without giving them a pay raise, you will slowly but surely kill employee moral. If doesn’t matter if you are adding a cleaning job or an extra hour of flooring walking. More responsibility should equal higher pay but usually, employers do not think to pay a higher hourly wage when they are asking employees to clean the office. Similarly, a cleaning company would not ask their clean up crew to do anything in the office besides clean. You wouldn’t want one of them trying to fix a computer, so why do you expect your employees to be okay with cleaning?

Get the Job Done Right
These two points go hand in hand. If you ask employees to clean instead of hiring commercial cleaning services then you risk damaging employee moral which will in turn make the employees less motivated to do a good job. This equates out to their regular work as well as the cleaning. They probably will rush through so that they can get done and go home or get back to work. Even if they try to do a good job, they aren’t trained like a professional cleaning team is and don’t have the same cleaning tools so you can’t expect them to do as good of a job.

Reduce Allergies and Sick Days
Dovetailing from the above point, if the job isn’t done right then there will still be plenty of dust bunnies and other nonsense floating around the room and hiding in corners and rugs. This will increase people allergies and make people get sick more often. If you have a professional service come in every evening after everyone leaves, you will likely have a lot less cloudy and sick workers on the production floor. You want your employees alert and healthy and keeping the office clean is a big part of that.

Increase Employee Productivity
When employees have a good sense of employee moral and they aren’t bogged down by allergies and other sicknesses, they will be much more able to get the job that they were hired for, done correctly and efficiently. They’ll be able to think more clearly which will make them more creative and thoughtful when coming up with new ideas. They will generally be a lot more productive because of being able to think through things and ponder with being distracted by unrelated work like cleaning or by sicknesses caused by the lack of cleaning.

Keep Office Presentable
Especially if you see a lot of clients in your office, it’s important to make sure that the place stays as clean as possible at all times. This may require having a cleaning person come in every day after the place shuts down but it will be worth it. You never know when you could get a surprise visit from the corporate headquarters or an important person to your company is going to show up. You want to make sure that your offices are constantly clean all the time so you don’t have to worry about that, should the unexpected show up. You should act as if your bosses will be in town every day.

Keeping a clean office is very important to you, your employees and also to the cleaning company that you end up hiring. A professional cleaning company is trained to do the job and has the right tools. Stop cleaning yourself and invest in a better future with a cleaning crew.

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