Are You Doing Everything You Can to Protect the Plumbing in Your Home or Office?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 28, 2019. Posted in Causes of pipe erosion, Eroding pipes, Long-term pipeline integrity

Keeping a house in its best working order is not always easy. It takes constant attention to both the smallest of details and the biggest of concerns. From preventing moisture penetration from a problem with the roof and gutters to using pipe pads to make sure that the smallest of plumbing problems are avoided, water damage is one of the big problems that home owners seek to avoid.

Perfectly designed and sized to completely surround any shape of plumbing pipe in your home, pipe pads, if they were colored, would look like the ever popular pool noodles. More stiff and slightly more absorbent, however, these additions can help can both provide and prevent pipeline corrosion protection.
Corrosion Protection Methods Can Keep Both Residential and Commercial Plumbing Pipes Safe
Providing an extra layer of protection from the cold in the winter and from rust during the humid days of summer in some parts of the country, pipe pads are one way that home owners can address small problems that otherwise could become big issues for a home.
Designed specifically to insulate pipes from their supports, pipe pads that are used like saddles efficiently and immediately eliminate the risk of pipe corrosion by preventing moisture penetration and metal on metal contact. All of this is provided without chemical mixing, straps, or hot welding work. Consider some of these statistics about the plumbing industry and the role that pipe pads play in maintenance:

  • In addition to the fact that their design minimizes heat transmission, pipe saddles allow for convenient load transfer into the tube wall.
  • In the year 2018, the plumbing industry made more than $107 billion in revenue.
  • By itself, pipeline corrosion costs the U.S. economy more than $9 billion each year.
  • Even more extensive, metal corrosion costs the U.S. economy nearly $300 billion every year.

Once you make the decision to be a property owner it is important that you pay attention to both small details and large concerns. Maintaining the value in your home or business is a direct result of knowing that you are fixing both large and small problems as soon as they happen.

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