Check Out That Package Pharmaceutical Packaging

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When we set our sights on something online or in a store, we’re typically more interested in the product itself than its packaging. But the way a product is packaged is not to be overlooked. A lot of thought goes into the way a product is packaged, both in terms of how it appeals to the consumer and also how effectively it secures the product within.

Puzzles and toys like Legos with a lot of small pieces are typically packaged in cardboard boxes that allow the pieces to move freely–after all, the point of these objects is to have the user put something together, so the pieces should be jumbled and free to roam. Other products, like batteries, toy cars, and sets of pens are usually confined in Continue Reading | No Comments

The Best Blister Packaging Options Provide Safety, Security

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The latest picture does not look great.
You were with her for five days just a week ago and dropped her back off in her dorm room after ankle surgery. She was looking rested, had good color, fairly healthy. Although her ankle was heavily wrapped and she was on crutches, you thought she would be fine for the last week of finals. Her roommates and teammates promised to help her get around campus and she promised to call campus security for rides to and from class.
The latest picture, however, indicated that it had been a rough week for her. She looked pale, exhausted, and so weak she appeared to be slumping into her crutches. Disappointed that you had not trusted your instinct and stayed throughout the rest of the week and be around for her finals week. Trusting in your daughter’s optimism, however, you he