Is Your Business Looking for a New Commercial Lease Option?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 24, 2017. Posted in Commercial property new lenox, Office space for rent new lenox, Retail space in westland mi

Retail space for lease new lenox

The amount of commercial property for rent in any given location often directly impacts the price of purchase and of rent. In locations where there are many opportunities for commercial property for rent, for instance, the rent can be a little lower. In locations where the commercial property for rent is limited, however, renters are often faced with higher priced leasing options.
Both large retail space for rent and small retail space for rent seek specific kinds of tenants. The specifics of a space can also di

Its One Big Step For You and a Giant Step For Your Business

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 27, 2016. Posted in Commercial property for lease new lenox, Retail space for lease, Retail space in westland mi

Large retail space for rent

Running your own business is hard, there always seems like there are a hundred and one little things to do during the day that will never be accomplished. If you are one of millions of Americans that run a business from their home than multiply that to do list by three. Luckily after more blood sweat and tears from you and your loved ones than you could possibly calculate, the day has finally come. You have outgrown your home operated business and are finally ready to start searching for a retail space for lease. While this is a big step for your business it is also important to keep some considerations in mind as you start your search for the right commercial space