Contact a Local Fire Sprinkler Inspection Service for Routine Maintenance

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Fire sprinkler repair service

Has your building recently had a fire sprinkler inspection service? In this way, you can make sure that your system is functioning optimally. Experts concur that when automatic sprinkler systems are used in conjunction with early warning systems, injuries, loss of life, and property damage can be reduced by a minimum of 50%, which is a significant amount.

There are different types of fire protection services that are recommended by experts within this field. These will vary on the type of business that is being conducted, the number of floors, the square footage, and other factors. For small data centers within the United States, for example, an Early Warning Fire Detection system is required when these centers are less than 2,500 square feet.

Do you own and/or operate a commercial enterprise that contains large oven ranges? It’s important to note that non-chemical suppression systems have been found to be effective 96% of the time. When confined cooking fires break out in medical facilities, for instance, this accounts for 55% of the fires within these types of facilities.

Between 2006 to 2010, there were a number of structural fires on health care properties such as hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities that care for the sick. On average, fire departments within the United States responded to approximately 56,240 of these types of fires every year during the aforementioned time period.

During 2014, the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department alone responded to 48,460 calls. Given the total number of calls to which this department responded, 531 of these were for fires. Between 2014 to 2015, this same department received a 12% increase in service calls. As a result of the number of calls received by the two fire engines that operated in Fort Lauderdale, this ranks them as the first and second busiest engines within Florida.

Given the necessity of having regular fire sprinkler inspection services and routine maintenance, it’s important to schedule these on a regular basis. In this way, injuries, loss of life, and loss of property can be prevented and/or significantly reduced. Since apartments, hotels, offices, and medical facilities account for half of the annual high-rise fires, if your building falls within one or more of these categories, contact a fire inspection service at your earliest convenience to ensure that your fire suppression systems are in optimal condition.

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