Hooking up With the Right Cloud Brokerage Services Can Provide That Much-Needed Boost to Your Business IT

Written by Economic Development Jobs on June 27, 2016. Posted in Cloud service broker companies, Cloud solutions, Unified communications phone systems

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As a business owner, one of the things that you know to have a great impact on every facet of your business is the quality and functionality offered by your IT infrastructure. In this digital age, computers and networks have taken over a lot of things, and in a typical business scenario, they are massively used in a way that affects every nuance of the business, including day to day tasks and long-term, important business processes like customer management, employee management, inventory management and sales management. Needless to say, having the right IT infrastructure for your need is of paramount importance if you want business processes to go seamlessly while also enjoying the fruits of the latest technological advancements.

While having all your IT in-house, complete with the right software and the right people to use and maintain that infrastructure has been a preferred mode of doing things for a long time, recent technological advancements have given companies an alternative which is possibly more robust, more flexible and has the potential to be more cost-effective. It is well known that having an in-house IT infrastructure entails a major expenditure — you need to purchase all the hardware and the software involved, and also head hunt for the right IT personnel to keep everything in order. Any time you feel the need to scale up, more purchases are involved. A great way to move away from these expenses while retaining and possibly improving on the results that you expect from your IT infrastructure, is to do business with cloud brokerage services companies and take your IT to the cloud.

Cloud service brokers help you find the right off-site IT infrastructure by recommending and providing a mix of tools, services and software which are a tailored fit for your business requirements. Cloud technology has taken the world by storm, and the obvious advantages it brings to the table have been instrumental in shaping its popularity. In fact, research data has shown that today, about 35% of all IT services are delivered either fully or in part by cloud technology. About 80% of all top organizations are either formulating or already have in place a plan for cloud adoption, and about 70% of top level IT company executives are already in the process of purchasing cloud services. Cloud services brokers make the task a whole lot easier, and for the requirements of your company, finding the right cloud brokerage services can be key to future success.

What Can Cloud Technology Bring To The Table?

The first and most obvious advantage that adopting cloud technology can bring to the table is the ability to have a dynamic, robust and flexible IT infrastructure for your company at a fraction of the cost. In-house systems can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and sometimes prohibitively so. With a cloud-based system, you only pay for what you need, and do not have the need to buy expensive hardware or software, or appoint paid in-house personnel to manage them. This can represent major cost savings and give you a low-cost but highly capable IT infrastructure for your business.

Another obvious advantage is easier scalability and flexibility. With in-house systems, scaling up or adding more features can very often become an expensive and functional dilemma. With cloud brokerage services, all you need to do is to opt for a few more features or change to a more advanced plan for your company, and all the flexibility and scalability you need will be available to you at a minor extra cost, without the need to do anything in-house.

One of the most important reasons why cloud systems are facing global adoption is the reliability they bring to the table. These systems are managed by professional experts, who handle all the maintenance and updates that are required to keep these systems in great shape. This results in enhanced reliability and stability for your business It.

Overall, moving to the cloud can be a great business move. Find the right cloud brokerage services and the decision can transform the efficiency and scope of your business IT infrastructure in many ways.

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