How to Set Up A Great Campsite RV Style

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 11, 2016. Posted in Outrigger pads, Rv jack pad, Steel crane mat

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RV camping is becoming more and more popular — in the 2014 American Camping Report, 16% of campers stayed in RV, and 8.8 million households own one. The revenue of RV parks and campgrounds was five billion dollars in 2013. One thing is for sure: RV campers bring camping to the next level. Not only is there maximum comfort, but the additional storage space and amenities mean that you can extend your trip for much longer. Having a full kitchen to cook with means that your eating habits don’t need to change much. But, there are several important factors that must be kept in mind when camping.

Firstly, the right spot for setting up your RV must be selected. Doing research beforehand and finding RV friendly campsites with hook ups will maximize the potential of your recreational vehicle. Also, you’ll need a site that is very flat. Before you park and set up camp, clear away obstructive tree roots and other obstacles on the ground.

Second, make sure that once you choose the right spot, that your RV won’t be going anywhere. Pull the parking brake up right away, to ensure that your vehicle will stay put. RVs can be very heavy, not mention their precious cargo and passengers. Remember to also place bricks and stones in front of the wheels as an added precaution.

Now, it is time to level out the RV. Jack pads for RVs, also known as camper jack pads, ground mats or outrigger pads, can seriously help in this process. They function to evenly distribute the weight on the RV jack foot, protect the delicate surfaces of concrete or soil from being damaged by the jack foot, and to level the ground in rocky or uneven areas.

The next step is to hook the RV up, providing that there are such amenities at your chosen campground. This could include electric and water services, but tends to vary campground to campground.

Now comes the fun part! Setting up you kitchen, interior, and exterior can make a good camping trip a great one. Don’t forget the lawn chairs, camping mats, and picnic table — extending your RV’s awning will protect your area from the sun.

From camper jack pads, to food and supplies, make sure you don’t leave the house without these essential ingredients to the RV puzzle.

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