The Benefits Of Less Than Truckload Shipping

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 23, 2018. Posted in Freight services, Ltl freight rates, Ltl transport

Pharma logistics

The trucking industry is booming. Growing industries such as ecommerce mean there is more cargo than ever before to be moved by truck. In 2013, there were an estimated 15 billion pounds of cargo moved by truck, and that number is expected to grow close to 19 million by 2040. The U.S. Department of Transportation also expects the value of freight to grow to $1,377 per ton by 2040, which would be up from $882 per ton in 2007. Trucking is popular because it is so flexible. Trucks can transport anything from food to clothing to specialty freight. Machinery transport services like less than truckload (LTL) shipping have become hugely prosperous. To prove this, statistics show that over 10 million trucks and other types of transport vehicles like rail cars currently operate in the United States alone, carrying goods and products all over the country and nearly 6 million commercial motor vehicle drivers are currently working in the United States.

Machinery transport services can be beneficial for a number of industries, particularly the pharmaceutical industry. Machinery transport services provide a viable pharma logistics solution with the transport of necessary pharmaceuticals. With LTL shipping, any amount of pharmaceuticals can be transported, even if it is not a full truckload (though a premium might be required in less than truckload shipping cases). Overweight shipping, the opposite of LTL shipping, will often also carry a premium – but can get goods where they are going faster, which can be important in the case of pharmaceuticals transportation. There are a number of other popular commodities in the United States, the top three being electronics, machinery, or motor vehicles. These industries can also benefit from less than truckload shipping and overweight freight services.

Machinery transport services can be beneficial for trade show shipments as well. Trade shows now operate all around the country, but the majority of trade shows happen in California and Florida, which have at least twenty convention centers each. Nevada follows closely behind with a total of nineteen convention centers. Trade show logistics can sometimes be difficult to coordinate, but specialty freight services, if not machinery transport services, can help the trade show to go as smoothly as possible.

From pharma logistics services to machinery transport services, less than truckload shipping and overweight shipping can benefit industries all around the United States.

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