The Benefits of Using Powder Coating

Written by Economic Development Jobs on December 27, 2018. Posted in Why get a powder coating

When it comes to the industrial market, a professional finish on every product is important. A great coating can be the difference between snagging a customer and that customer moving on to another company. Liquid coating is an acceptable option with many of its own benefits, but powder coating is the real MVP of the industrial world. It offers environmental, performance, and aesthetic benefits that will make any product shine as well as withstand years of wear and tear.

What Are Powder Coatings?

The incredibly enhanced powder coating is a coating that goes on as a dry and free-flowing powder. Once it is applied it is heated to help form a protective layer. It is usually made from thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer and creates a hard, durable finish that will last.

Better for the Environment

These days having an environmentally friendly company and product is a big deal. People want to purchase from companies that care about the consequences their actions and products have on the environment.

Enhanced powder coating is great for this purpose, because there are no VOCs or toxic compounds in it. It is also possible to reclaim and reuse any over spray and it creates lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Better for Performance

Powder coatings can really take a hit without taking serious damage, which means it will hold up longer and improve the performance of the parts being used. It has a strong scratch and abrasion resistance and will require less fixes later on.

Better for Aesthetics

Aesthetically, powder coating definitely pleases. A great looking finish is a key component to a wonderful product and enhanced powder coating can stay looking great for longer. It has better gloss and color retention and can stand up against corrosion. For a product that will look great for a long time to come, powder coating is the answer.

All Around Better

Powder coating is the future of the coating industry. With so many wonderful benefits there’s no reason to say no to it. It’s environmentally conscious, stands up to wear and tear, and looks wonderful. It is the clear choice when it comes to the industrial business.

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