Three Type of Binding Machines for Your Business

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 8, 2017. Posted in Automatic wire o binder, Used binding equipment, Wire binding machine

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One study finds that print made up for 80% of all book sales in 2015. As the years have passed, print still remains one of the largest industries in the world. The print industry is over eight times larger than the video game industry. You will want to ensure that you choose the right type of binding for your publication. In this post, you will learn about three book binding methods.

  • Wire Binding

    A wire binding machine produces a sturdy finish for any publication. You will have a lot of options when using an automatic wire binding machine. Wire binding is the perfect binder for a business that needs options. Many wire bound documents contain either two or three holes per inch. If you are producing many documents, you may need a separate punching machine. Businesses that need to make large amounts of documents will have these machines separated in order to produce documents quicker.
  • Thermal Binding

    This style of binding uses hot and pressed glue to create a sturdy spine. Thermal binding uses no wires or coil which gives each document an entirely flat appearance. The main disadvantage of thermal binding is that you can’t add new pages once the document is bound. A business that needs documents with no wire present should strongly consider thermal binding machines. Thermal bound documents make for a perfect binder choice for sending booklets through the mail.
  • Comb Binding

    You will often see comb binding used in schools to prepare materials. A comb binding machine uses plastic to create spines for documents. In many cases, comb binding is able to create booklets up to 500 pages, depending on the page thickness. An advantage of comb binding is that the finished product is able to open and lay flat. Many schools find that the perfect binding machine is the comb binder. If you are only going to bind documents rarely, it makes sense to get a comb binding machine.

In summary, there are several machines used to bind books. Each binding machine creates a different kind of document. Wire binding machines create documents with a sturdy wired spine. When a wire binding machine creates a document, it provides the user with several binding options. Thermal binding doesn’t use any wires at all. Thermal bound documents are sealed with the use of warmed glue. Comb binding makes use of plastic to create a distinct look for thinner documents.

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