Why Point to Point Transportation is Ecofriendly and Secure

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Freight forwarder

Air and ocean cargo, when shipping to Latin America and other national and overseas destinations, is both ecofriendly and cost effective. That?s because unlike freight carried on commercial flights, point to point shipping picks the shortest routes with fewest stops. This reduces the carbon footprint of each shipment, and also cuts down on delivery time. Fewer stops and transitions also mean greater safety for cargo.

Air and ocean logistics
Cargo airlines don?t carry any passengers, but are dedicated to carrying cargo only, nationally and internationally. Air cargo services play an important role in transporting goods and products from their point of origin to the final destination. The total value of cargo transported by the global aviation industry reached about $6.4 trillion in 2012.
When the cargo is shipped by cargo companies, the flights follow the shortest route between the point of departure and the destination. That?s because with door to door delivery, there are no passengers on the flights. The route and schedules can be set with the single goal of getting the cargo to its destination in the shortest possible time. This minimizes connection time and delays, and also helps to keep the cargo safer.

The ecofriendly option
Because door to door transport uses the shortest routes for shipping to Latin America and other destinations, with the minimum stops and delays, it uses less fuel than commercial flights, that have to take into account passenger itineraries. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly ways of shipping to Latin America and other destinations worldwide.
Shippers can also make their cargo more ecofriendly by reusing packing boxes and shipping supplies. As consumers and businesses alike seek new ways to cut down on their carbon footprint, shipping cargo via shorter and more direct flights is an increasingly attractive option.

Cargo safety is enhanced in point to point shipping
Shorter flights with fewer changes also mean greater safety for cargo. Fewer connections reduce the possibility of tampering or damage to goods incurred while moving them from one plane or vessel to another. Point to point shipping is also suitable for time sensitive shipments, which could be anything from personable items or important documents.

Air and sea cargo services offer a number of advantages when it comes to shipping to Latin America and other destinations both nationally and internationally. With shorter travel time and fewer connections, it is a fuel efficient and ecofriendly mode of shipping. Shorter flights also minimize the risk of any damage to the cargo.

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