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Over 40% Of Consumers Would Switch Businesses If Their Identity Was Put At Risk Secure Paper Shredders

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 6, 2020. Posted in High capacity shredder, M-10tc, M-12tc

There’s a certain level of responsibility that comes with throwing things away correctly.

You see it with recycling bins, helping sort out the garbage from the useful materials. You see it with bagging up after your dog, keeping the grass clean and safe for all who come after. As a business that regularly handles sensitive information? Secure paper shredders are how you respect that responsibility. Offering you the security that comes with proper shredding alongside easy organization, high capacity paper shredders are a must-have for 2020.

It’s best not to take any chances with your business. Here are five reasons why you should keep secure paper shredders on hand at all times.

Identity Fraud Remains A Troubling Issue For Many

It’s comforting to think identity fraud is an outlier that happens to an unlucky few. Recent statistics would beg to differ. A 2018 study conducted by The National Telecommunications And Information Administration di

Benefits of Prefabricated Office Buildings

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 6, 2020. Posted in Inplant offices, Modular office systems, Warehouse office

With the growth being experienced in the business world, there is an increased demand for office space to operate from. Many businesses are on an expansion from but lack the funds to acquire additional office space for their operations. Lack of funds is not the only challenge that many businesses find themselves facing. There is also the lack of space to expand. However, these challenges have not halted the growth strategy that many businesses have adopted. Luckily, there is a new trend where businesses can still expand under very limited spaces and even not having to lease permanent spaces. This concept is called prefabricated office spaces. Simply put, prefabricated office spaces allow businesses to acquire additional office spaces without having to break the bank for it. More recently, this strategy has become so popular that even the traditional office space models are starting to feel the effect. As a growing business, using a prefabricated office is an amazing way to operat