Have You Ever Had a Professional Headshot Taken?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 13, 2018. Posted in Corporate headshots chicago, Professional photography

The new job is very exciting. You have finally gained the vice president title that had alluded you in your previous job, you have reached the salary goal that you set for yourself, and you have an opportunity for profit sharing that you have always wanted. Along with all of these benefits, however, comes a different set of responsibilities and requirements. You have more monthly leadership meetings, you travel more for sales kick off events across the country, and there are many other ways that this job is different. One of the unexpected differences, literally put a smile on your face. Just two weeks into the new job, you had to go visit a local photographer’s studio so that you could have a professional headshot taken.
Professional headshot photographers specialize in corporate headshots so companies can have the needed images on file when it is time for company updates and press releases.