Choose Innovative Custom Food Packaging for Your Business Products

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 23, 2016. Posted in Pill bottles, Wholesale custom plastic bottles, Wholesale packaging company

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Custom food packaging is beneficial for a number of reasons. It can maintain product quality and safety as well as represent a specific brand’s innovative practices. Custom food packaging can also prevent wasted materials and save on overall costs.

A large percentage of the global flexible packaging market is centered around food packaging. In fact, custom packaging and specialty packaging represents over 70% of this market.

The food packaging market has been experiencing growth, and this is expected to continue at a rate of 3.4%. Predictions for the years between 2015-to-2020 indicate that this industry’s revenues will reach $248 billion.

The plastics industry is also a major employer, and it is estimated that it employs one million individuals. Furthermore, this industry contributes approximately $375 billion to the United States’ economy.

A group of packaging experts were consulted and they reported that plastic packaging can have an impact on food waste reduction. A pound of plastic, for example, can reduce waste by approximately 1.7 pounds.

Companies that choose custom food product packaging manufacturers are also making a positive environmental statement. According to a recent study, rigid containers such as HDPE, PP, PET, and LDPE, are being recycled at a higher rate. Over 60% of the population, which is the Federal Trade Commission’s recommended level, have access to recycling centers or services.

There are approximately 9,400 curbside collection programs currently operating in the United States. In addition, there are 10,000 drop-off programs where PET plastic is collected. Furthermore, in 2013 alone, nearly 1.8 billion pounds of PET plastic was recycled. Currently, the PET recycling rate is 31% within the United States.

The container and packing industry actually has the highest recovery rate due to its own recycling efforts. Its recovery rate is approximately 39.9% when compared to the amount it generates.

On a world-wide basis, approximately 52% of the population chooses to support companies that make an effort to be environmentally conscious. Furthermore, since these companies are making a positive environmental and social impact, their brand is recognized by its innovative packaging.

Package innovation is just one benefit of custom food packaging. Due to plastic molding technologies, packages can be customized to include printing for brand recognition.

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